89km running for PAX (The 27th Glocal Cialthon)


Please check the details and register on the Facebook event page below:

Let's run 89km each in 2 weeks! (from 10 to 24 October)

89 is the number of peace. Let's everybody run 89 km for 14 days while thinking about peace of the world, peace of the area, peace of your family and inner peace.

Decide your own course and schedule by yourself. You can measure distance and time by using smart phone application (e.g. runtastic is one of the useful running applications for iPhone and Android: http://www.runtastic.com/ ). Somebody in the world will be cheered up by your activities/photos.

Let's share your experiences, feelings and some scenes you have seen. This is the new style of Cialthon, which we can share knowledge and thought globally by running your own local area.

This time we have 14 days. We start on 10th October and finish on 24th. 10th October (2nd Monday in Oct.) is the Sports Day in Japan.

In Japanese, 89 can be pronounced as 'PAX' (peace in Latin), and this number is the same distance as the Comrades Marathon, which takes place every year from 1921 in South Africa as a symbol of hope for lasting peace.

What is Cialthon?

Cialthon stands for Social Marathon. It is a new type of marathon which puts more value on the social connections and communication among participants and local people. Memories are more important than time results. By sharing experiences gained during this event with the other participants, we tend to increase the joy of running even more.