Dessert Spoon Carving with Everyday Canoe


About Everyday Canoe

Everyday Canoe is a little craft studio in Singapore that started with a love for God & a love for crafting in wood.

Exploring the nature of daily gratefulness and grace, we make handcrafted wooden objects from reclaimed wood and seek to bring the delightful quality of handmade to every home.


About the workshop

Ever wondered how it would feel to make a spoon out of wood?

This workshop will guide you on how a piece of beautiful reclaimed teak, cherry or maple can be given a wonderful second life through the process of handcarving.

Participants will take home their very own handcarved spoon finished with a natural foodsafe coating and a small bottle of foodsafe oil to maintain the spoon.

You can choose from the following woods featured in the above photo:

Teak – Honey brown wood (easiest to carve)
Cherry – Orange-pink wood (medium hardness to carve)
Maple – Lightest wood (medium-high hardness to carve)

Please select the wood of your choice and email it to
st@sarahandschooling.com so we may prepare it for you.

Due to the use of sharp tools in the woodcarving process, this workshop is only for participants 18 years and above.

Sat Oct 22, 2016
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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Venue Address
157A Jalan Besar Singapore
5-7 minutes walk from Farrer Park or Rochor MRT
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