In this meditation, we will explore about our inner peace. So many times we search for the peace externally. We cant seem to stop the barrage of our mind - the thoughts, questions and judgments that come in so quickly even before we become fully aware. So how then do we seek the peace within, that we may be strugglling with? How do we experience the quietude and equipoise? Going back to the essence of ourselves, being the child of God/Source/Creator and just simply Being. Not doing, not hurrying, not expecting, not settting checkpoints or milestones..

Join me for the meditation, seeking the peace within ourselves. Being healed in mind, body & spirit as we clear ourselves, emotionally, mentally & physically, as appropriate and allowed for each of us.

The meditation that I conduct is non-religious. Includes sound healing to go deeper within ourselves, (either crystal bowl or Tibetan bowl or a medley of them). Receiving an affirming message, as you pick a card from the Oracle Card Deck.

The Meditation Circle is about creating a community of like-minded people, sharing our experiences and helping each other to see different perspectives and gaining friendships. Healers will be invited to this Circle, to join me as and when, so that we can grow this community.

Walk in from 7.45pm to settle yourself comfortably as we start the Meditation at 8pm. Energy Exchange is $45 for 1 to 1½ hours.


I am Kalpana, who manages The Healing Space. I offer my healing services & conduct workshops for adults & children. I also offer the services of other healers, both practicing & starting out, as well as local and foreign healers.

All I wanted to do, when I set up The Healing Space, was to offer different kinds of healing services to as many groups as possible (babies, children, teens, adults, families with marital problems & pets).

I discovered my clairvoyant gifts, when I heard voices in my head as I prayed at the Novena Church at Lady Fatima’s, as I was seeking strength over a major life decision. From then on, since 2011, I have been hearing voices & am a clairvoyant channel of Divinities, Archangels & higher vibrational beings. I transmit the messages I receive when I counsel or channel in my healing & meditation sessions. I offer clear oracle card readings as well as wonderful sound healings with Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls. I like working with children & women, especially those facing marital problems.

I offer

- Spiritual Counseling & Healing

- Sound Healing using Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls

- Reawakening your Divine Power (Life Purpose)

- Advanced Crystal Healing

- Gentle Healing for Children & Babies

- Pet Healing

- Readings using Oracle Cards

- Weekly Meditation

- Various Workshops for adults and children

See you at 7.45 for the meditation.

By Kalpana @ The Healing Space

209 marine parade s(449532)

Tel +65 9816 2600

Email thehealingspace209@gmail.com

Wed Sep 28, 2016
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM SGT
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The Healing Space, 209 Marine Parade S(449532)
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10 mins walk from Parkway Parade and I12 Katong Shopping Centres
The Healing Space