Getting your Dream Job: Part 2, Preparing Interviews & Tough Questions


Thanks to your awesome resume, you got your first interview for your dream job! Congrats!

But wait a minute? There are other people looking for the same position. How can you prepare to make sure your face will stick in your interviewer head? How can you become the favorite and show you are the most fitted for the job?

"What didn't you like in your previous job?", can you answer that question without frowning? What if you knew how your interviewer thinks?
What if you could have an answer prepared for each of the tough questions?
What if you could make a lasting impression on your interview just by your ansers?

This is exactly what I'll be sharing with you, I'm Manuel, and during this FREE workshop, you'll get to learn how an interviewer prepare his questions so that you can prepare your answers!
No more fear about when he or she will drop a tough one: you will be ready for it and you'll know how to make the best impression ever!

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I am a Career Coach and a Consultant and in the last 6 years I worked in more than 10 different companies: always successfully getting hired without using networking!

After knowing how to craft a resume, you need to know how to prepare for your interview. Does anyone received training in being interviewed? There are no such training, even in the mos reputed schools. When I got out of my business school, I researched and studied how to build resume and prep interview. I spent days on resume building, interview preparation, job offer negotiation... And I got good at it! I got my jobs and started helping colleagues, friends and clients build their own resume and land their dream job.

So what's the trick behind preparing an interview? To make it simple, interviewers are preparing their interview as a cook prepares his best recipe: they make a list of what they need then they go shopping!
1. Do you know what kind of ingredients are they looking for?
2. Do you know how to showcase your ingredients are the best for the job?

If you built your resume as I taught in the first workshop, you can answer the first question easily. What you need to understand is how interviewer are asking questions so that you can answer to their hidden question!

Interested? Come and find out by reserving your seat!


Here is what you will learn on the evening:
— How to showcase the 5 most important skills of the job
— How to answer the tough questions they throw at you to stress you
— How to stay confident even if they ask a question you didn't prepared
— How to ask witty questions that make them remember you :)

So stop stressing about that interview you will have soon! Stop looking on the internet for bits or trivia about the company that won't even matter during the interview.

Play it smart, learn how interviewers do their work so you can prepare yours! With that workshop, come and learn, ask questions, discuss and train to have the best answer to the toughest questions!

Location: Classroom, 808 French road #04-165 s 200808
Time: 7pm-9pm
Date: 21th October 2016 (Friday)

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Fri Oct 21, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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Venue Address
808 French road #04-165 Singapore
From Lavender MRT, take the exit B. Turn right after the escalator. Go straight, cross two roads and take the elevator to the 4th floor.
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