Bringing Joy Within - Healing Journey with Crystal Bowls


As we clear our past and past lives, it is time we open our hearts and start accepting ourselves and letting joy light out lives from within. When joy emanates from within, it shows in your being and brings out the best in you. You will emanate light and love to those around you.

Irene will be using her voice, the crystal bowls to open up the heart and bring in the love. Please wear comfortable clothes.


Irene has been a natural empath. Since young she could sense how another animal and later in life how a person feels. She started on a journey on Animal Communication 8 years ago with Rosina Arquati which took her on her spiritual journey. She has appeared in The Paranormal Zone Season 2.

She later took up Auset Healing Temple modality (Isis Temple Healing) and is today a practicing Auset healer, clearing chakras, karmic releases, soul retrieval. She applies the healing to both the animal kingdom and the humans as she believes that all lives needs healing. Irene has also now begun her journey as a sound healer with the crystal bowls. Each tone and bowls are unique to the healing for the emotions and to the physical health. Together with Auset healing, Light Language the healing becomes very powerful.

Irene manages the Eternal Holistic Centre at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her details can be found at https://eternallifeholisticcentre.com/home/


Date : 1 Oct (Sat, 4-5pm)

Energy Exchange: $65

Venue: The Healing Space at 209 Marine Parade Singapore 449532

Contact: Kalpana at +65 9816 2600, thehealingspace209@gmail.com

Sat Oct 1, 2016
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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The Healing Space, 209 Marine Parade S(449532)
Standard SOLD OUT $65.00
Venue Address
209 Marine Parade S(449532) Singapore
10 mins walk from Parkway Parade Shopping Centre & I12 Katong
The Healing Space