"Chasing Cosmic Explosions" - Public Lecture


Professor Bryan Penprase will present his research at the forefront of astrophysics, at a level easily understood by the general public. Prof. Penprase will discuss the most luminous sources of radiation in the universe: quasars, supernovae, gamma ray bursts, and merging neutron stars, in the context of his collaboration with astrophysicists at Caltech and worldwide on the "Zwicky Transient Factory."

He will also give an overview of these cosmic explosions, and the technologies on earth and space used to discover and characterize these transient events. With the discovery of gravitational waves from LIGO and an emerging global telescope network, opportunities exist for entirely new types of astronomy and he will explain this new dynamic type of astrophysics that allows astronomers to “chase” these cosmic explosions before they fade away, and what new types of astrophysics they are revealing.

Finally, Prof. Penprase will offer an opportunity to demonstrate the operation of a remote telescope in Chile, with a view of the evening skies over Chile and some live image data (clear skies permitting, of course!).

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Sun Oct 9, 2016
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM SGT
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Science Centre Singapore - Mendel Lecture Hall
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