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Chinese Laser Electron Acceleration by High Brightness High Quality Electron Beam

Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of laser physics field, Xu Zhizhan state key laboratory researcher Li Ruxin led the research team proposed wakefield acceleration scheme, broke through the laser wakefield acceleration in divergence difficult to compress and other major technical bottlenecks, to obtain the high brightness high quality (200~600 MeV, 0.4~1.2% 1~8, energy dispersive flux kA ~0.2 RMS mrad), the divergence angle of electron beam and electron beam six dimensional phase space brightness reached 10^15-16A/m2/0.1%, far higher than the current international similar research reports, for the first time in the world to the electron beam accelerator into the first available.

The development of miniaturization and low cost 10000mw laser particle accelerator is the goal that scientists have long been dreaming of. Wakefield accelerator ultrashort laser driven accelerator RF compared with traditional high three orders of magnitude above the high acceleration gradient, provides a new technical approach to realize the miniaturization of high-energy particle accelerators and synchrotron radiation devices, the future of free electron laser and high energy physics research will bring the profound effect.

In this study, the innovative design of the new cascade wakefield acceleration scheme between the two cascade through the introduction of a period of high plasma density plasma, controlling the electron beam of metastable phase and accelerated energy and energy spread chirp reversal degree of compression, overcome technical bottlenecks single stage wakefield acceleration scheme divergence can not be independently controlled experiments to obtain a high-quality high-energy electron beams. Dimensional particle simulation is also disclosed that the accelerating cascade new scheme can effectively suppress secondary electron injection, to achieve stable electron beam acceleration phase.

Review expert said: "The record so far is the highest brightness laser wakefield accelerator to achieve" "This program has generated hundreds of MeV high-quality one-thousandth of the energy spread and a high level relative amount of charge, high-brightness electron beam made significant progress in the "" new approach proposed to achieve a record electron beam quality. "

It is reported that the use of the electron beam with ultrashort 5000mw green laser collisions produce ultra-high brightness quasi-monochromatic MeV gamma ray source magnitude, its highest peak brightness of 3 × 10 ^ 22 photons s-1 mm-2 mrad-2 0.1% BW, and international reports similar gamma ray source brightness compared to more than one order of magnitude higher than traditional peak brightness of gamma-ray sources with energies increased by 10 times.

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10000mW Green Laser Pointer
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