Into your Heart ~Chakra Journey with Masumi Lacoste~


Masumi will share the secret method that helps you to be grounded into your heart through 7 Chakra Work, after have been connected to the heaven and earth.

Then you are going to get into the sacred space in your heart.That means that you will be connected with your holly divine. All of the source is LOVE. Where we feel the LOVE in our physical body is heart center, our Heart Chakra. In this class we are not using brain to understand, rather we encourage you to open the heart, “feel” the emotion and “experience” through your body and wisdom of Chakra Work.

Heart Chakra is also balancing an instinct for survival and the self, supports you to have better inter - human relationships and to be true to yourself.

What is Chakra Work?

Chakra Work focuses on the techniques to awaken the 7 chakra energies which are located on the spine called Sushumna.

Chakras are also the entrances of fundamental energy that comes from the universe.

Through observing the energy of each chakra our Body (physical, emotional, intentional, intellectual, spiritual) is activated, we experience awareness, growth and healing. Each one of us understands the purpose of life and finds inner peace.

Techniques of Chakra Work consist of sacred techniques of Himalayan Kriya yoga that Masumi learned from Pilot Babaji, they are combined with breathing techniques, meditation, dance and mantras.


9:45 door open

10:00 Class starts

12:00 Class finish, serving Heart Chakra Smoothie byThe Healing Concierge

* Please bring your yoga mat. Yoga mat rental will charge $5 additionally.


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8 Claymore Hill #01-03 on Claymore Singapore 229572


Workshop & Smoothie S$50.00

Workshop & Smoothie & Yoga mat rental S$55.00

About Masumi Lacoste

Masumi is founder and director of Chakra Work Association in Japan and currently lives in Bali, Indonesia.
She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills of Chakra Work to people in Bali and
Japan mostly through Chakra Work Teacher's training, Retreat and Work shops etc.
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Sun Oct 2, 2016
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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Workshop + Smoothie SOLD OUT $50.00
Workshop + Smoothie + Yoga mat rental SOLD OUT $55.00
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8 Claymore Hill #01-03/04/05/06, 8 On Claymore Singapore 229572 Singapore