Private Micro-Consultation Session with an investor expert

Language: Chinese or English

Many startups fail because they could not focus on one thing: doing actual business. This is about conducting normal business operations, finding customers and fulfilling orders. In turn, this makes it less interesting for investors and the company falls apart. Many so called experts offer advice, but most consultants only talk and cannot actually get the business "on the ground" for actual revenue. Good experts with experience are expensive to ask.

In this session, we bring a brand new concept for helping startups. The host, Desmond Marshall, is both an investor and an accomplished strategy expert for many companies, helping them enhance and execute to gain revenue and expand the markets. He will be offering his business connections, customers, clients, advice and practical ideas to any companies that require help, in the form of a micro consultation session. The micro session offers a comprehensive face time with an expert, all yet being manageable for startups without the fear of economic burden, and allows the company to focus on making more businesses.

Session content
- Ask ANY questions or help requests for the strategic advancement of your business locally or globally
- Get actual business connections and introductions
- Get introduced to sales leads or potential customers for actual revenue
- Get face time with an investor and expert in strategic business enhancements
- Each session is private for ONE company only. Each session is 45mins.
- Each company may have more than one person to attend.

Cost per session:

1/ Non-TGN members/Walk-ins = $500

2/ Other TGN members = $400

Email for booking: Kimberley.hung@tgnglobal.com / 2341 4900


Desmond Marshall is a 20 year leading strategist in the areas of creative high-end customer reactivation, motivation & loyalty methods, helping prestigious banks and brands, internationally and locally, to achieve revenue results. Mr. Marshall is also the chairman for Institute of China Customer Motivation (IOCCM.org), aimed at passing on the knowledge to executives and practitioners in the industry. He is also an active public speaker and collaborates with various universities and organisations. He is now currently working on new areas of investor related initiatives.

(This event is organized by Tuspark Global Network

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Thu Sep 22, 2016
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM HKT
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TGN TST Workhub
Venue Address
4/F Yes & Right House 1-3 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Hong Kong