AI in Asia, Where Are We Now?


There is a massive amount of hype that surrounds AI. How much is fact, how much is fiction?

This event is to decipher the status of AI technology currently by an introductory presentation by Azeem Azhar on "Why the Boom Now?" Following, a live panel discussion on AI in Asia today will follow between Sinuhé Arroyo, Jason Chiu, Jeffrey Broer, and Tak Lo. All five of the speakers will share their insights into the current status of AI technology from the perspective of their ventures: Exponential View, Taiger, Cherrypicks, Founder Institute, and Zeroth.ai. Come, learn, and engage these experts live on Sept 14 @ 7:00PM.

Speaker Bio

Azeem Azhar -- Former CEO of PeerIndex (acquired by BrandWatch). Now Chief of Exponential View, and columnist on the Future of Work for the Financial Times. Based out of London, UK.

Sinuhé Arroyo - Founder and CEO of Taiger, an AI startup focused on providing deep learning insights to enterprise structured and unstructured data.

Jason Chiu - Founder of the Cherrypicks Group, a leader in Mobile Marketing and Commerce, with specialization in Mobile Applications.

Jeffrey Broer - Partner at Kohpy Ventures. Founder of Grayscale, a user-experience design agency, as well as the Co-Director of the Founder Institute in HK.

Tak Lo - Former Director of Techstars London. Now Founding Partner and MD of Zeroth.ai, Asia's first accelerator for AI/ML startups. Based out of Hong Kong.

Co-sponsored by Cyberport, City.ai, and Zeroth.ai.

(This event is organized by Zeroth.AI

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Wed Sep 14, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM HKT
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Cyberport 3 - Training Room
Venue Address
100 Cyberport Rd Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong Hong Kong