Giving Your Brand A Personality


How do you want your brand to present itself in the marketplace? If your brand was a person, how does it want to be perceived / viewed / regarded? What kind of personality does it have?

Join us at Garage Academy for a 75 minute session designed to get you into the head of your brand and able to stand out and say something! No one remembers the neutral wallflower. Be remarkable!

Delivered by brand strategy expert, Eva Lind-Mallo, from The Three Marketeers; the new on-demand consultancy that is transforming marketing excellence all over town.

This workshop will empower you to let your brand’s true personality shine and captivate customers:

My Brand Character

· What is my brand’s character - is it Formal or Casual, Masculine or Feminine? Bold or Subdued?

· By understanding your brand’s character, you can make sure your messaging stays on point and rings true.

My Brand Archetype

· What is an Archetype? Do I have one?

· How can I use it to bring my brand to life?

· How do I use this in my everyday branding and how it helps to tell my brand story.

(This event is organized by Garage Society

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Tue Sep 13, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM HKT
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299 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong Hong Kong