Best Practices for Entrepreneurs, Startups & SMEs - Legal Edition


W Hub, playground.work & Quikspaces Present: Best practices for Entrepreneurs, Startups & SMEs - Legal edition

Starting your own business is one of the most challenging things you will ever do in your life, made infinitely more complicated by trying to navigate the legal complexities revolving around incorporation, company structure, recruitment, intellectual property and more. When do you actually need to hire lawyers and when can you get by on your own? Are there free resources out there and how helpful are they?

Join us for an interactive conversation with a panel of experts from the legal industry where different perspectives covering the following topics will be presented:

- Can a startup / SME incorporate a company by themselves?
- I'm starting a new business with a couple of friends - do I need to sign any agreements?
- Free templates - how useful are they really and will I be able to edit them on my own?
- When does a startup or SME actually need to retain legal services?


- Stephanie Chan, Founder and Managing Director, Asia Bar Review

- Scott Thiel, Partner, DLA Piper

- Chris Sykes, Head of Legal, Dragon Law

The panel discussion will be followed by small group breakout sessions facilitated by our speakers and mentors who can provide practical guidance and insights on legal issues faced by entrepreneurs everywhere.

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企業家、初創與中小企最佳實戰方案 - 法律篇

開展自己的業務,可能是您人生中最具挑戰性的事情之一;要同時處理開立公司、公司架構、人才招聘、知識產權等的法律事項就更加困難。到底甚麼法律事宜可以自己處理?何時需要聘請律師? 那裏有免費法律資源? 他們的幫助又有多大呢?


-免費法律文件範例有多大幫助呢? 我可以自行編輯嗎?


(This event is organized by W Hub, playground.work & Quikspaces

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Tue Sep 20, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM HKT
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