TEDxHakataSalon "BE THE CHANGE" vol.1


9/13 Tuesday 18:30 Domus Focacciabar - Free

TEDxHakataSalon “BE THE CHANGE”気分転換最高のアイディアをサロンでシャンパンは開けないことにします、でもマインドでは、しかし空腹や喉の渇いた人たちに、虚栄の市を祝うのではなく、実際に彼らの将来の生活形成に喜びをダイアモンドのように良いアイディアはいつまでも続く.

WHAT IS A TEDx salon?

Salon events are often small weekly or monthly events that keeps a TEDx community engaged between regular TEDx events. It’s a unique kind of gathering that TEDx organizers hold which allows the conversation to continue, in person.


THE DISCUSSION: A critical element of salon is lively discussions, allowing attendees to actively participate in the event. With much smaller audiences than a standard TEDx event, salons bring attendees together in more intimate spaces, and with more chances to get know and exchange ideas as with each other.
THE SINGLE SUBJECTt: Having the ability to focus on only one subject creates focused audience and atmosphere.
THE CHOICE OF FORMATt: Salon events range anywhere from dinner party settings to mini standard TEDx events, and anything in between. It’s up to organizers to decide what size and format is best for their community.
FREQUENCY: Salons are recurring events that offer organizers an exciting way to stay engaged with their communities. Salons can happen between larger standard events, providing a regular touch point for you and your community.
THE OPTIONS: Because emphasis is on discussion in salons, you don’t need to find new speakers; you can discuss TED and TEDx talks that already exist. You also have the option to invite live speakers (up to four) to your event, too. You have options!

TEDxHakataSalon “BE THE CHANGE” vol.1
“Leading people out of Galapagos-Japan”

A series of 11 Salon events to foster a better Fukuoka city.
A Salon where the ideas are the luxury.
No champagne bottles to be opened, but minds; for people hungry and thirsty and in need of being an active part of a community not by celebrating the vanity which is conceived to be meaningful but indeed enjoy the pleasure of shaping your future life.

Like a diamond a great idea lasts forever.

The first Salon will be business related with TED Talks on how to lead better.

Experience enlightment with selected TED Talks, in a Salon where people who care for a better future will connect, discuss, enact.

Tue Sep 13, 2016
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM JST
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Domus Focacciabar
Standard FULL
Venue Address
1-7-16 Imaizumi Chuo Ku Fukuoka Tenjin Ark 2Fl Japan
5 minutes walk from Tenjin station right in Imaizumi Park (aka "Sankaku Koen")