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Effect of Welding Speed on Laser Welding of Laser Marking Machine

Explain, and also affect the welding speed laser welding welding parametric standard style, just because welding speed on welding standard style unlike laser power and focal position is so superficial, at higher Laser pointer irradiance demand tall, welding speed (unless of samarium clVc2), may have revealed the standard style variable weld or prison steady thermal conductivity welding process. Focus position, laser power and welding speed affect weld and welding process stability prison three main welding parameter variables, a parametric change that there are likely to motivate changes in welding and weld process . If welding parametric changes only within the prison or jail steady thermal conductivity steady deep penetration welding range, it will motivate the weld penetration and weld width variation amount; if the welding reached parametric variation of standard style transition critical point , will have to motivate broad penetration and melting transitions, welding process is a qualitative change occurs, the process of prison stability and weld quality are major changes will occur.

In the same focal position of the burning laser pointer power increased to 1300W when, in the (0 ~ 8m / min) then boiled speed range revealed no uncertain style standard welding process. So in fact the presence of prison steady thermal conductivity welding, welding and uncertain standard style prison steady deep penetration three processes, there are two standard style transition critical point. When constant laser power and focal position, with increasing weld penetration and weld width reduced welding speed, and sequentially revealed prison steady deep penetration welding, welding and uncertain standard style prison steady burning three kinds of welding thermal conductivity welding processes, physical phenomena and their weld welding process forming a unique place with the above-mentioned focus position and influence the final outcome of the same laser power. Laser power and focal position upkeep unchanged, welding speed and curve weld penetration and weld width of.

In summary, the high-power laser marking machine 20000mw laser pen welding, the welding process at a time, depending on whether there is the presence of perforations can be divided into thermal conductivity welding and deep penetration welding two standard styles, but the whole child burn welding process to examine, because of stability problems eyelet prison, prison can be a steady welding standard style, there may be two standard styles alternately exposed indefinite process.


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