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"Singaporeans are the UNHAPPIEST" workers in Asia?

If you are feeling the grind, because there is little to no recognition, no pay raise, no promotions, and no chance to even show your talent do not fret! You may not be alone...

A survey by leading Global HR Consulting firm, Randstad, surveyed throughout Asian that Singaporeans were the unhappiest at work. 64% plan to quit within the year, with the 3 top reasons being:

1) Job dissatisfaction

2) Difficult bosses

3) Being asked to do more for less

Does this sound familiar?

A Common Problem that many Corporate Warriors face

Everyday we come in we face…

  • An environment that is getting more competitive
  • Work hours that seem to get longer with little reward
  • Work that is repetitive and the same
  • People who are more demanding and less appreciative


  • We do not get much appreciation
  • Our bosses don’t give us raises or promotions
  • Awesome projects are assigned to someone
  • Clients don’t appreciate us and just hound us
  • And opportunities to spread your wings in others jobs are limited if none existent!

BUT, there is a portion that is wildly happy and successful!

There is over 30% of the population who are foreigners. They permeate every part of the society from Banking, Marketing, IT, and more. They are paid well, they have more freedom, and they seem to get all the interesting projects and job offers.

What's more, there is a population of Singaporeans who are wildly successful in their careers to. They are your bosses, peers, clients, and colleagues. Some just seem to “have it all together”.

Sometimes we can't help but compare to Singaporeans who started out just like us or worst than us but somehow, they became so successful that they can afford to retire at an early age or do the things they love to at their own convenience.

So how do these individuals (MODERN DAY WARRIORs) do it?

What makes them so BADASS?

First lets consider who they are in Singapore. Some of the most famous MDW ones are:

  • Ron Sim - Founder of Osim
  • Elim Chew - Founder of 77th Street
  • Olivia Lum - Founder of Hyflux
  • Anastasia Liew - Owner of Begawan Solo
  • Goh Cheng Liang - Owner of Nippon Paint
  • Lim Hock Chee - Founder of Sheng Siong Supermarket

Their secrets?

  1. They AVOID major MISTAKES people make when trying to get noticed and deals
  2. They FOCUS heavily on 2 CRUCIAL CORE Skillsets (And not just on FOUNDATIONAL & ACADEMIC skillsets)
  3. They follow a PROVEN System over and over to succeed
  4. They increase their PROBABILITIES of success over time

Exact Details?

The workshop will share in DETAIL these four areas.


Luckily there is! There is methodology and system that you can follow to increase your chances of success. Most MDWs stumble on this, some are taught it, and luckily you can learn it to!

At our event you will learn 4 FUNDAMENTAL SECRETS to the success of MDWs

You will learn:

1) How MDWs get the best jobs

2) How they were able to stick out without being smushed down

3) How they created freedom in their lives

4) How they make an abundance of money for themselves and their family

5) How they build a network to enhance their levels of success


The great thing is, you can learn HOW you can DO ALL of this and get the life you have always wanted. We will teach you How To Be A BADASS in your Work and Business.

We will take you step-by-step through our proven AMP system. A system that will be a guiding principle to how you approach your work and your business.

This system has helped dozens of people succeed, some earning 6 figure business, others got promotions, other found jobs they love, while even others are able to travel the world and live!

Don’t let this moment pass. Join us for a FREE (yes we sponsor the costs for you) workshop.


Learn from the BEST. Learn from those who have gone ahead. Meet our Speakers:

Veronica Pang | A beautiful Singaporean lady who went from struggling financially to a Executive Director in the world's leading Investment & Private Banking institutions.

Kimble Ngo | A charming fella who went from geek to thriving in Investment Banking world, managed multi-million dollar business, and now an international speaker.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to BE A BADASS in your life? If you are signup now and learn how to become a TRUE Modern Day Warrior!


  • Executives in Highly Technical Jobs (Such as IT, Accounting, Finance, Design)
  • People who are Highly Intelligent, but unsure how to get noticed
  • Someone who is ambitious & hungry, but still stuck somehow
  • Hardworkers who put in long hours, but not noticing returns in their career
  • Hustlers who want to avoid being “Offensive”
  • A new generation who believes HAVING FUN, KICKING ASS, and EARNING MONEY is the ideal way to live (without sacrificing any of 3 for it!)
  • Dreamers who want to make a BRIGHT and AMAZING FUTURE a REALITY


  • Senior and Junior Executives in Investment Banking, IT, Manufacturing, Non-Profits, and Government Bodies
  • Government officials, bureaucrats, professors, students, and entrepreneurs
  • Executives making half-million dollars (or more) a year
  • Speakers and presenters
  • CEO of companies
  • Engineers & Scientists turned successful entrepreneur


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Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Contact us at Support@amplify-influence.com

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, but they must register

Can I arrive late?

No, doors will be closed when we start. Any entrance after that will be unfair and disruptive to those attending.

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Sat Sep 10, 2016
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