The Elements of Meditation: Releasing Stress and Tension


The Elements of Meditation is a series of meditation classes inspired by the Chinese 5 Elements. This month the focus is on the element of Metal.

The element of Metal teaches us how to live in a healthy continual exchange with the environment, learning to value the lessons we have learned and form a sense of identity and self-belief.

Metal teaches us that to let go is natural and helps us release what does not serve us to make room for the new.

What we do not let go of are the lessons and wisdom we gain from meaningful life experiences. As we reflect on what we have learnt and how this has changed us, we clarify our sense of self.

This month you will learn about releasing stress, building self-love, self-value and clarity.


Tuesday September 5th: Release Stress and Tension

Learn how to let go of physical, mental and emotional tensions and stress so you can feel refreshed, recharged and renewed. This meditation class will show you how to discern between what you need to release in your life so that you can make room for what is positive and strengthening.

Investment: $40 (Cash only)

Registration in advance is required. To register contact Rachael Cox at rachcox@templesoul.net or Whatsapp/text 83231363.

About your facilitator:

Michelle Ayn Tessensohn is a certified master coach, speaker, writer and facilitator whose meditation and mindfulness journey has spanned the last two decades since she left University to start her real education with two yogis, studying yoga, meditation and spiritual development. She worked as a natural health consultant and healer then certified as a master coach with Dr. Martha Beck. She now brings together 20 years of training and personal development, plenty of presence, heart and expertise in her work with clients. You can find out more about her at www.visionarypassages.com.

Tue Sep 6, 2016
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM SGT
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Michelle Ayn Tessensohn