Keep your business running: The workshop on hands-on project management


You started your own business? Plan to do so? Or work in a project-driven environment? – Then join this 1-day workshop on hands-on project management for startups and SMEs!

During this interactive workshop, you will learn and discuss with your fellow participants what it needs to make a project a success – be it the setup of a new business, or the optimisation of an existing one. Based on condensed input, personal experience sharing and a set of effective easy-to-use tools, you will be equipped with all you need to face future project challenges without certification or expensive IT.
Remember: "Change before you have to." (Jack Welch)

Topcis covered:

1) Project Definition: effective scoping and structuring
2) Project Timing: efficient but realistic scheduling
3) Project Communication: getting everybody on the same page
4) Project Monitoring: key elements and tools
5) Participants' Q&A

What you will get out of the workshop:

– Condensed and relevant input about approaches and techniques for successful projects
– The opportunity to challenge your current practices by adopting new ideas
– A set of free and easy-to-use tools to boost your current and future projects
– A forum to ask your questions, learn from others, and share your experience

Content in detail:

1) Project Definition: effective scoping and structuring

“You can only achieve your goal if you know it.” A clear definition and scoping of the project and its desired outcomes is the first step of every project. Also, a clear framework has to be defined to work smoothly once the project is running.

– How do I define clear goals to be achieved at the end of the project?
– Which project structure works best to achieve these goals?
– How can I define and assign tasks and responsibilities to project members?
– Which techniques can I use to keep my project flexible and respond to external changes?

2) Project Timing: efficient but realistic scheduling

Defined timelines are a key characteristic of any project. They often need to be tight to achieve targets in time or to keep budgets low. However, if they are not set realistic as from the beginning, the project will not be a success.

– How can I define timelines in projects with several persons involved?
– Which techniques help to align time frames of interdependent work streams?
– Which factors should I absolutely consider when scheduling my project?

3) Project Communication: getting everybody on the same page

Projects generally involve a change in the organization, whether it is concerning structures, processes, communication, mindset, or others. Therefore, it is crucial to include all concerned persons as from the early stage of the project.

– How do I determine who is involved or concerned by the project?
– What is the relevant information to share with the involved or concerned parties?
– How do I nurture a positive and proactive communication about the project?
– What are the right communication formats and how do I use them effectively?

4) Project Monitoring: key elements and tools

Projects are generally time- and resource-consuming and at the same time run simultaneously with the day-to-day business and other tasks. Thus, the management and monitoring requires a set of tools to ensure the project success and return of invest after project completion.

– Which methods and techniques help me to monitor my project?
– What are the relevant key figures and how do I ensure correct reporting?
– Which inexpensive but effective tools can help me to manage my project?
– How do I ensure that all project members have access to all relevant information?

5) Participants' Q&A

Share your questions and preferred topics upfront via email to
ife@connecting-ideas.org to get prepared answers and deeper insights.

Further perks for workshop participants:
– Networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and business-starters
– Money-back-guarantee if you feel like you wouldn't have learnt anything new
– Complimentary follow-up session with a professional trainer to work on your project

For any further information contact the organizer via email at ife@connecting-ideas.org.

About the Trainer

Julien S. Besthorn (MSc) studied Business Administration in Germany, France and Hong Kong and holds a Master’s degree in Global Management & Governance. He gained experience in international sales, retail and management consulting across Europe and Asia and managed complex projects in diverse industries, such as retail, IT, telecommunications, and B2B services. He is founder of jsb Consulting & Training Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong, and volunteers to help startups creating and improving their successful business, amongst others as a co-organiser of Startup Weekend Hong Kong.

(This event is organized by Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Sat Sep 10, 2016
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM HKT
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