Lecture: Making Meanings; Constructing Place/s, Subjectivity, Power & Nihilism: the case of NICA


The creation of meanings around NICA would be used as the case study
for the 2nd talk in the 3-talks series referencing ALPP (Art-Led
Participative Processes). The first talk* discusses participation
through the lens of dialogue and ingrained subjectivity that inform
our perception and guide in the social interactions with non-specific
others through various social stages. This 2nd talk looks into
activities that led to the formation of NICA (Networking + Initiatives
in the Culture & the Arts ) in Yangon -- from the first act in 1996 to
the establishment of the NICA space in Yangon. It also discusses the
evolving approaches in terms of activities and programmes -- from the
start of NICA programmes in 2003 to the activities that took place
after the closure of the space in 2007. It references the interactions
of the participants and collaborators within performances of the
everyday and its encounters. These interactions are scrutinised
through the lens of 'active and passive nihilism' (Nietzsche) -- that
is present in the local values, narratives and exchanges of the

* Which took place in various organisations and institutions, such as
USM-Penang, Bangkok University, UNESCO-NIE Centre for Arts Research in
Education (CARE), Brack and Post-Museum - Singapore and Glasgow
Sculpture Studio.

[Part of Survey: Space, Sharing, Haunting, curated by Post-Museum]

Sat Sep 3, 2016
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM SGT
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