The Noisiest Tree

Storytelling workshop
Suitable for children age 3 to 6 years

Join in the fun as an adventurous mynah surprises Kay and her grandma, on their morning walk through the neighbourhood. The Little Mynah can talk, and not just in one language! Striking up a conversation, the three soon become great friends. But when Little Mynah’s family decides to join him, and settle down in the beautiful banyan tree, Kay’s parents rally their neighbours to get the noisy birds out. The mynahs soon move on, but not before they use their multilingual skills to help Kay and her grandma save the day. In the process, they open everyone’s ears to the music of different languages, and help them to appreciate the 'din' of friendly neighbours chatting – like mynahs chirping in the trees, at the end of an exciting day.

This storytelling workshop is mostly in English, suitable for children age 3 to 6 years. Parents or grandparents are welcome to participate, especially if you are bilingual or multilingual. Children will get a bird’s eye view of the diverse language and cultural environment in Singapore, and discover how Little Mynah picks up words in different languages that they can use every day.

Conducted by Evelyn Wong, author of the children’s picture books, 《特别的东西》 Something Special and 《调皮的八哥》The Naughty Mynah.

TranslateSingapore 2016

TranslateSingapore is back this September to celebrate the cultural and linguistic richness of Singapore! Based on the theme “Mari Kita Berbual-bual” (“Let’s Talk”), the festival will present a full line-up of programmes, including the main forum that looks at the cultural interflows between Chinese and Malay; an opening lecture by Dr Henry Liu, president of the International Federation of Translators; translating Shakespeare workshops; Malay language class; storytelling session for children, book launches and more!

On 30 September, we celebrate International Translation Day with special events and the launch of the October edition of Words Without Borders. Guest-edited by The Select Centre, the respected international literature journal will feature new translations of works by Singapore writers Kanagalatha, KTM Iqbal, Kuo Pao Kun, Masuri S.N., Sa’eda Buang and Wong Koi Tet.

To check out more events under TranslateSingapore, please click here. For more information, please email programmes@selectcentre.org or visit www.selectcentre.org.

About Evelyn Wong

Evelyn Wong is author of children’s picture books, 特别的东西
Something Special and 调皮的八哥 The Naughty Mynah, which was adapted into an interactive bilingual performance for pre-schoolers in Singapore, and of Makan Mischief, written for a multilingual storytelling workshop co-presented with The Select Centre in conjunction with TranslateSingapore 2015 in SWF3 (SWF For Families). Evelyn has been actively involved in the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) since its inaugural festival in 2011. She has collaborated in compiling four annotated bibliographies published by AFCC, featuring Asian children’s picture books on the themes of water, rice, trees and birds.
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Sun Oct 2, 2016
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM SGT
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Free admission by registration FULL
Venue Address
Keppel Workshop, National Gallery Singapore. 1 St Andrew's Rd, 178957 Singapore
TranslateSingapore 2016: Mari Kita Berbual-bual