Effective Cold Email Strategies to Supercharge Your Sales, Brand & Profits!


Hello there, you busy person.

Let me save your time by asking you this question: Do you love cold calling prospects and selling them?

If your answer is a "HECK YEAH!", then go back to your work, crush all those business goals and live a good life, because this workshop is definitely not for you.

But if you’re like me - a natural introvert

  • who has nightmares the night before a cold-calling exercise,
  • who will find every excuse to avoid dialling a stranger's number,
  • who will literally choke up and hang up when the stranger picks up the phone

... then there's hope!

Because sending a cold email is 1000 times easier than making a cold call. The trick is to make it work for you.

We’re in 2016, and the world is much much connected now, with a tomb of knowledge at the tip of our fingers. So the question is, why are we not leveraging the latest technologies to increase our sales, form better partnerships and create more business opportunities?

In this one-day workshop, let me hand-hold you and your team members through basics of writing a cold-email that people will open, read and respond, along with the fundamentals of setting up the technologies that will help you gain back more time and freedom. There’s a goldmine of business database out there (over 400 million contacts to be exact) just waiting for you to send them a cold-email with a solution to their problems, and I will guide you through that.

Stop spamming your prospects, and start to get them talking to you.

Stop hitting yourself every time you miss your sales targets, and start breaking through the targets.

Stop coming back empty handed from networking events, and start to get your hands full of warm contacts with the help of technology, right at your desk!


  • SME business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • If your business is >80% B2B
  • Business Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Anyone who wants to kick cold-calling in the balls and still 10X your sales and business opportunities!


  • Learn how to setup a simple yet powerful lead generation system from a business database of over 400 million

  • Effectively leverage on low cost or even free tools to increase sales engagement by over 100%

  • Design an automated email sequences that will send those follow-up emails for you

  • Discover proven email templates to start an email conversation with a cold prospect

  • Enhance your copywriting skills so you can sexify even the most boring products and services

  • Identify + Validate market and untapped business opportunities that you had never thought of before


Yup! We will be getting hands-on with them!


Hi, my name is Maverick, and no, my mom didn’t choose that name for me. Long story, but if we ever meet, I’ll tell it to you.

Here’s one thing you’ll need to know about me: Over 93% of my business comes from emails, and being a single-dad, I put food on the table by writing emails. It wasn’t always easy, but my mom thought me what doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger. I’ve made my blunders in email marketing, some more painful than others, but that’s where the best lessons are from, eh?

I research my target market, identify their needs, look for a product or service to satisfy their needs, package it attractively and drop them an email. Sounds simple?

There’s no fringe science behind this, or any miracle pill. I’m an engineering school drop out, I’ve got no formal training in literature, marketing or mass communication, which is why I’m particular about the methods that I use: they have to be easy and effective. My litmus test? It must be so simple that even my 8-year old son must know the principles behind it too.

And these are the strategies I will be teaching you in the workshop. Nothing against textbooks and lecturers, because I know they have their place in the world. I prefer sharing with you what works and what doesn’t, show you the shortcuts and hacks, point out the dangers to steer away from, and also how to take your new skills to the next level.



  • Biz Dev for the new century
  • Mindset of a digital business executive


  • Setting clearly defined business goals
  • Moonwalking your funnel - Knowing your sales sequence and sales cycle
  • Activity: Designing your sales funnel


  • The rich is in the niche
  • The S.A.M. test
  • The Baseline/Stretch test
  • Getting into the psyche of your customer
  • Identifying their pain/pleasure, problem/solution, dominant emotions
  • Activity: Defining your ideal customer



  • The legal issues
  • What to look out for when selecting a provider
  • Introducing LeadFuze & Salestools.io
  • Activity: Setting up your account


  • The 4MAT of email structure
  • Activity: Force connect
  • Copywriting magic
  • Catchy subject lines
  • The preview texts
  • The first paragraph
  • The PS
  • Activity: Drafting your first email



  • Email myth buster #1: HTML vs. plain text emails
  • Email myth buster #2: Short vs. Long emails
  • Email myth buster #3: The School Method
  • 9 easy templates to get you started
  • Activity: Writing your first cold email

1515 | CRM TECH

  • The super awesome Hubspot CRM
  • What to look out for when selecting a provider
  • Activity: Setting up your account



  • Zapier to ease your life
  • Activity: Setting up your first zap
  • Follow-up tools & apps



You: Franky, Mav, do email marketing still work?
Me: For me, and many others who did it right, YES. Most of the time people will say email marketing don’t work because they don’t know how to do it. They would either hard-sell, use all the wrong formatting/coding that landed their emails in the spam folder, or just blindly hit send without thinking much. 95% of the population check their inbox at least once a day, so if you craft an interesting subject line, you’ll be granted 4 seconds of attention as the reader reads the first paragraph, and if you play it well, that's enough time for you to get them hooked.

You: Ok, so you’re saying that you can guarantee after this workshop, our emails will be delivered to the prospects’ inbox 100% of the time?
Me: Actually, if there’s such a workshop, I would pay to attend one myself. There are no guarantees, but you can increase your chances go getting a response from your cold prospects. Plus, email marketing costs a lot lesser than the ads you take.

You: I see you mentioned some web apps and tech platforms. Are you going to walk us through the installation and setup during the workshop?
Me: Yes, that’s why it’s important for you to bring your laptops. iPad and tablets are awesome, but they may not be enough.

You: If I manage to bring a couple of friends along, do we (or just me) get some discount?
Me: Shame on you! You would take the discount off your friends? Let me make it right. If you do bring along a couple of friends, I’ll give all of you some discount, fair? Drop me an email at mav@kickstart.my and let's talk.

You: Hmph, how about I help you sell some tickets and you give me a commission?
Me: Ok, I like where this conversation is going to. Drop me an email at mav@kickstart.my and let’s start talking. Now, do you have any other questions related to the workshop contents itself?

You: Got! I’ve been to some workshops and after the training, they just close the door, pack up and never reply to my enquiries. Are you gonna be like that too, Mav?
Me: I hate that too! Like it or not, I want to be able to ask questions after I tested some stuff out, and yeah, sometimes I’m left hanging. That’s why the workshop comes with 3 months email support. Just drop me an email if you’re stuck somewhere and I’ll get back to you no later than 48 hours (sometimes I travel to places without internet connection). I would love to look at some of the cold-emails you'll be writing, and would love to learn from you too.

You: Phew! At least that’s covered. Oh yeah, since you’re a cheapass, I got to ask you this. The tools you will be sharing in the workshop, are they all free?
Me: Ok, I don’t really know to take it as a compliment, but I think I will. :) Not all the tools are gonna be free, let me be up front. Most of them have trial periods or free tiers, which if you’re a cheapass like me, you can leverage on it. At the end of the day, it’s always about the value that you get.

You: Ok, fair enough. Do I need like a website or landing page for Cold-Email to work?
Me: Websites do lend credibility, but frankly, I’ll teach you a few techniques in email writing where you can keep the conversation just between you and your prospect and the attachments you will be sending.

You: Ok, at one point, I gotta ask this. Can you give me a discount just for being nice?
Me: Awh, bet your parents teach you to do that before you buy anything, huh? OK lar, for that hustle, here’s a promo code to get you RM50 off. CHEAPANDLOVINGIT

You: Ok Mav. Thanks for putting this workshop together. Oh yeah, now that I'm thinking about it, why did you put this workshop together in the first place?
Me: A lot of people ask me how do I carry out the sales process for my businesses, especially for those who knew I was an introvert and hates cold-calling. Plus, I have no sales team (unless my outsourced ones in Mauritius), no office and no proper org structure. And over time it’s kinda tired teaching them one-on-one even if I’m paid for it. So I thought why not just make it a workshop and more people can benefit at the same time. And I always love having participants from different industries and markets in the room, because the opportunity for cross-pollination of ideas is endless!

You: True. So looking forward to the workshop! See you there, Mav!
Me: Cool! Thanks for the support!

Fri Sep 23, 2016
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM MYT
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