The Mills Fabrica “Pitch Day 2016” Roadshow - Kowloon Edition


The Mills Fabrica “Pitch Day 2016” Roadshow - Kowloon Edition
The Mills, as a landmark heritage conservation project, envisions a future of applied creativity and innovation, and will bring forth social changes through its many initiatives. As one of The Mills’ main pillar, Fabrica will be a hub for budding change-makers who intelligently integrate technology and style – startups in wearable tech, material and manufacturing innovation, in fashion that makes smart use of tech ranging from social online selling to customer interfacing apps. The Mills Fabrica now presents “Pitch Day 2016 - Calling Tomorrow's Techstyle Heroes”, a business building contest for techstyle startups, and the grand prize of this challenge includes HKD 100,000 in cash and a chance to join Fabrica’s 12-month incubation pilot program.

If you want to find out more about The Mills as a social innovation project, and what The Mills Fabrica and “Pitch Day 2016” could do for change-makers, please join us at our second roadshow co-organized with Good Lab, Hong Kong’s first social innovation hub. Joining us also will be Josie Tam (Founder of Techpacker), one of Fabrica's pre-pilot incubatees from last year’s Pitch Day, and she will tell you why you should be part of The Mills Fabrica and Pitch Day.

(Event will be conducted mainly in Cantonese and supplemented with English.)

南豐作坊《Pitch Day創業比賽2016》簡介會──九龍版

南豐紗廠是一個地標式保育項目,願景是帶領本地應用創意及創新產業邁向新里程,並透過不同活動帶動社會創新。作為項目的三大支柱之一,南豐作坊將會 成為靈活結合科技和時尚的創革者基地,包括可穿戴科技、創新物料、生產科技、在時尚領域有效運用科技(如社交銷售平台、客戶端介面手機軟體等)的創業家。 南豐作坊現正舉辦《Pitch Day創業比賽2016-召集未來新經緯王者》,專為以上的新經緯產業創業家而設,比賽勝出者將獲港幣十萬元現金獎,以及有機會參與南豐作坊為期12個月的培育先導計劃。

如果你想了解南豐紗廠與社會創新的關係,又或者想知道更多南豐作坊及《Pitch Day創業比賽2016》如何幫助像創業家,歡迎你來我們與社會創新基地Good Lab合辦的簡介會。上屆參賽者譚慧怡也會出席,她創辦的Techpacker是南豐作坊培育先導計劃作坊公司之一,屆時她將會分享成為南豐作坊一份子和參加創業比賽的理由。


(This event is organized by The Mills Fabrica

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Tue Aug 16, 2016
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM HKT
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Good Lab
Venue Address
L1, The Sparkle, 500 Tung Chau Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong Hong Kong