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Following the global Citi Mobile Challenge, a series of free Citi FinTech Meetups are being created to maintain momentum and support the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. A key objective of the series is to bring together a diverse group, encourage new connections, and cultivate collaboration across Hong Kong’s startup community.

*Citi FinTech Meetup series powered by PwC, Paperclip, Honest Bee and Chicago Booth.

About the speaker companies:

Migo IQ - Migo IQ is a smart, learning, customized filter that layers beautifully on the physical environment. We add machine learning software to in-store beacons, and consumers get relevant offers that produce more purchases and higher revenue.

Orii - ORii is a ring that puts the power of the smartphone (through voice assistant like Alexa) on your finger. Fashionable and discreet, this smart ring lets you take phone calls and talk to your voice assistant just by touching your ear.

Ozmo - Ozmo is a smart cup and app that works together to help people to reach their hydration goal and balance their coffee intake through our photo-sensing technology. The Ozmo motivation platform, named Lifepoints, will be rewarding our users through their fitness and hydration achievements and allowing the users to redeem tangible goods from our affiliates and coupon offer wall. Ozmo is a hardware startup with a focus on our reward system development.

(This event is organized by Paperclip Startup Campus

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Thu Aug 18, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM HKT
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Paperclip HK Services Ltd.
Venue Address
3/F, Nam Wo Hong Building, 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan Hong Kong