How to start your business: The workshop on business modelling & strategy


Are you planning to start your own business? Or already did, but not too sure about the right direction? – Then join this 1-day workshop on business modelling, personal branding, and success strategies for startups and SMEs!

During this interactive workshop, you will learn and discuss with your fellow participants what it needs to bring your idea to a successful business. Based on condensed input from theory, business examples and personal experience, you will be able to establish, improve or further develop your idea on your first steps to success.

Topics covered:

1) Business Modelling: key elements and blueprints for success

2) Personal Branding: how to successfully stand out of the crowd
3) Strategies to avoid or outperform the competition: how to be different or better
4) Communication roadmap: the right message to the right addressee at the right time
5) Participants' Q&A

What you will get out of the workshop:

– Condensed and relevant input about leading ideas and successful business examples
– The opportunity to challenge and train yourself by adopting the input to your idea
– A forum to ask your questions, learn from others, and share your experience

Content in detail:

  1. Business Modelling: key elements and blueprints for success
    A business model defines how a company creates, delivers and captures value – that is, how you can create an unforgettable experience for your customers while being long-term profitable in your business. It implies definitions about your clients, products and services, value-adding activities, and cash streams.

    – What is a business model and what are the key elements to consider for my idea?
    – What can I learn from other companies, markets or industries?
    – Which successful examples can I adopt for myself instead of reinventing the wheel?
    – What can I keep from my initial idea, and what do I have to adjust?

  2. Personal Branding: how to successfully stand out of the crowd

    Branding traditionally refers to the associated elements of a company such as name, logo, products, etc. When applying on a personal level, it is how you appear to your clients or audience. Thus, your own brand is relevant even if you work only with business clients (B2B) or people you already know.

    – What are the key elements of a powerful personal brand and how can I determine them?
    – What are the steps to create a desirable perception for my target customers?
    – How can I differentiate myself and my company from my competitors?
    – How can personal branding help attract and retain ideal clients, thus accelerate sales growth?

  3. Strategies to avoid or outperform the competition: how to be different or better
    The strategy defines a company’s main direction and should be the basis for literally every decision in the day-to-day business. Even when entering a market with an existing product or service, you can be successful by choosing the right strategy to address your clients and competitors.

    – What are ways to start or develop my business without entering in direct competition?
    – How can I keep my flexibility on pricing in competitive markets to earn higher margins?
    – If I'm in a competitive market, which techniques help me to outperform other players?
    – What are the weaknesses of incumbent market leaders that I can use for my advantage?

  4. Communication roadmap: the right message to the right addressee at the right time
    We are flooded with messages and information today. The social media universe is getting crowded and your clients may not check your website to get to know you – they use Google instead and make a judgment. Therefore, the right communication strategy is more important than ever before!

    – What are the key points in creating the “right message” for startup businesses?
    How detailed should I go when defining the message audience?
    How to derive a content strategy to communicate the message?
    – Do platforms, frequency and format matter?
    – What is the role of “visual content” for a strong personal brand?

  5. Participants' Q&A
    Share your questions and preferred topics upfront via email to ife@connecting-ideas.org to get prepared answers and deeper insights.

Further perks for workshop participants:
– Networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and business-starters
– Money-back-guarantee if you feel like you wouldn't have learnt anything new
– Complimentary follow-up session with a professional trainer to work on your personal idea

For any further information contact the organizer via email at ife@connecting-ideas.org.

About the Trainers

Julien S. Besthorn (MSc) started his career with dual studies of Business Administration in Germany, France and Hong Kong, in collaboration with a large retail organisation. He gained experience in international sales and management before accomplishing his Master in Global Management & Governance. Julien held positions in retail and strategy consulting across Europe and Asia and is now founder and director of jsb Consulting & Training Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong. Besides, he volunteers to help startups creating and improving their successful business, amongst others as a co-organiser of Startup Weekend Hong Kong.

Tracy Ho is a personal branding pro, specialised in creating messages and images for business owners, entrepreneurs and executives to connect with their ideal clients, make more sales and stand out from the crowd. She has over a decade of experience serving both public and private sectors and now runs her online business, Frame & Fame, supporting clients in Asia, Australia, US and Europe. Prior to founding Frame & Fame, Tracy spearheaded the Singapore business of a leading financial communications firm in Asia and worked directly with C-suite level and the global communications team of international banks, funds and professional services firms to devise strategy, develop messages, coach spokespersons, create content to build their brands across Asia.

(This event is organized by Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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Sat Aug 13, 2016
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM HKT
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Campfire Collaborative Space
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4/F Cheung Hing Industrial Building 12P Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Hong Kong