Coffee Shorts (August 2016)

Join us for the last screening of intriguing short films over a steaming cup of coffee at the cozy Hotel Neo+!

*There will be 3 Coffee Shorts throughout the month of August. Please select the date that you will be attending (you can attend more than one) and take note of the location where the screening will be held.


Shorts films to be screened on 19 August @ Hotel Neo+:

1. Technophilia (7 mins)
Techie boyfriend is completely preoccupied by his gaming device, just like the rest of the busy people inside the coffee shop; while his bored girlfriend seeks his attention.

As the couple gets into a heated argument, the people remaining at the coffee shop start getting boxed up by the technological lifestyle that covers their deeper emotions through the gadgets they use.

Here, the couple in the middle of a relationship crisis shows how technology starts shaping people to become too dependent on it that relationships and lifestyles are altered, and possibly destroyed.

Official Selection, Cinemanila International Film Festival (Philippines)
Official Selection, Chicago Filipino American Film Festival (USA)
Official Selection, Filipino American Cine Festival – San Francisco (USA)
Official Selection, Filipino International Film Festival Los Angeles (USA)
Official Selection, First Friday Las Vegas (USA), Social Media Film Festival Pre-launch Film (USA)
Official Selection, Cinemalaya Filipino Independent Film Festival – Korean Short Films Category (Philippines)
Official Selection, Titus Brandsma Short Film Festival (Philippines)

2. Pork Guy (27 mins)
Shing was jailed for murdering somebody in Hong Kong. He came back to Taiwan finally to face his family and his own future. Shing decided to take over his mum’s business and sell pork in the market.

'Pork Guy' is a comedy, based on a murderer’s life when he was selling pork in the market. The desire of turning over a new leaf can be seen when Shing was doing business in the market and dealing with the people there.

Nominated, The 36th Golden Harvest Awards
Nominated, International Student Film Golden Lion Award, 2011
Nominated, International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy

3. Copper Wire (10 mins)
This is a story about a child who collects copper wire and sells them in order to achieve this goal.

4. A Dinner with Astronaut (7 mins)
On an ordinary Christmas Eve, in an ordinary house, there is an ordinary family having dinner. Out of the blue, a big rocket lands on their house. They found an Astronaut and asked him to have dinner with them.The presence of the Astronaut makes this house unusual. This situation makes the father uncomfortable and he sends the Astronaut back to the USA.

5. Forever in Hiatus (25 mins)
A washed up former pop star lives in exile pedaling a xich lo (bicycle taxi) aimlessly in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, until he meets a 16-year-old girl who discovers who he is.

6. Takano's Scent (9 mins)
Natsuki has a scent fetish. On New Year's Eve, she is visited by Takano and confesses her feelings for him. When her close friend Misako turns up, Natsuki sniffs her hair and makes a discovery.

Total Screening Time: 85 mins


This screening is brought to you by Viddsee, an entertainment platform that streams and markets short films to millions worldwide. The collection of films shown at this year's Coffee Shorts at George Town Festival is made up of Viddsee's top picks of accessible short movies spanning interesting topics and themes. You can watch more short films for free by visiting www.viddsee.com or download the free Viddsee iOS and Android app to watch awesome short films.

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