Awakening Change - An Influencer’s Toolbox to Make a Sticky Impact

Change is never easy. With authority and position, we can control what people say and what people do, but we can barely control what they think, and how they feel. Because of that, telling and controlling rarely works in agile transition. As agile coaches, we may encounter strong resistance, and when we are gone the change being enforced barely sticks.

“Awareness is an important tool in becoming more than a novice”, as Timothy Gallwey says in “The Inner Game of Tennis”. A good strategy to trigger the change from within. To make change sticky is to create self-awareness and trigger the self-reflection, a self-discovery process. Different people are on various degrees of acceptance of new ideas. As a wise change agent, we may need to apply different influencing strategies accordingly. What can we do to influence early adopters who tend to be more willing to try and potentially fail? Is there anything we need to pay attention to for early majority who are judgmental and pragmatic? What are the influencing strategies for late majority who are conservative and skeptical. What about people of other categories?

In this session, Daniel Teng will share thoughts and reflections on making a sustainable impact, which can be summarized as ISNIPER principles. ISNIPER is acronym for Inspiration, Specific, Network, Infection, Pressure, Empathy and Reflection. How to scale awareness from individual up to team and organization level. The principles are based on Daniel’s extensively experience in multiple years and various organizations when working with GE Healthcare, PingAn, Dianping, Baidu, HSBC since 2009. So it will be based on quite a few real stories.

(This event is organized by Agile Hong Kong

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Fri Aug 5, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM HKT
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Odd-E Office
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19/F Connaught Harbourfront Office, 35-36 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan Hong Kong