“Is the Seat Taken? “ Photography Workshop 「路上歇息」攝影工作坊


是城市設計影響生活 ,還是生活影響城市設計。創作人Sam 帶我們再次探討城市空間跟「坐」文化的關係。現誠邀你一同參與由香港設計總會主辦及K11 協辦的一系列「路上歇息」的攝影活動,當中包括工作坊、比賽以及展覽。希望各位對攝影有興趣的朋友能理解到攝影的整個過程,以自己的角度呈現主題的獨特性,並有機會向大眾共諸同好,分享獨一無二的作品。整個攝影系列為「第二屆深港設計雙年展」及K11 Design Month的活動之一,目的是希望大眾能透過不同設計相關的活動,了解到創作過程並能參與當中,並且明白設計源於生活,同時亦可互相啓發,就是Together We Can // Inspire!


講者: 姜永生先生 (Mr. Sam Keung)
工作坊日期:2016年8月6日 (Sat)
地點:chi K11 art space (Shop B207)
備註:請自行帶備相機及後備電池 (工作坊中段會於K11附近進行實習)

Sam 講解如何構思,制作「空凳」系列。同時分享如何演繹「坐」的作品。「路上歇息」比賽及分享如何撰寫作品概念。

參加者需要在工作坊中段於K11附近實習,其後在工作坊上播出各參加者的作品。參加者逐一解說作品概念,Sam 會即時給予意見如何改善作品。

Is life influenced by the city or is life itself designing the city? Creative director Sam Keung would explore the relationship between the space of the city and the “Seating” culture. You are cordially invited to participate the photography campaign organized by FHKDA and K11 with the theme of “Is the Seat Taken” which includes workshop, competition and exhibition. People who love photography are welcomed to join our campaign and to share their unique works to the public. The photographic series is one of the campaigns co-organized by The 2nd HK-SZ Design Biennale and K11 Design Month. Through these design-related events, we hope the participants would comprehend the process of creation and understand that “life inspires design”. That is one the spirit of the Biennale - Together We Can // Inspire!

Before entering the competition, Sam Keung would elaborate the theme “Is the Seat Taken” and share photographic skills and his experience of taking photos during the workshop. You would definitely gain some tips about the competition as well!

Speaker: Mr. Sam Keung
Remarks: Please bring your own camera and batteries (We will pratice nearby in the middle of the workshop)
*Seats are limited, first come first served!

Part One

Sam will explains how the idea of shooting "Empty Chairs" series, how to interpret about "Sitting". He will also introduce the "Is the Seat Taken?" Photography Competition and tips on wirting entries statement.

Part Two

Participants will pratice nearby K11 and share in the workshop afterwards. Sam will provide some suggestions after your sharing on your works.

(This event is organized by The Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations (FHKDA)

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Sat Aug 6, 2016
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM HKT
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chi K11 art space (Shop B207)
Venue Address
18 Hanoi Road, Hong Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Hong Kong