The Art of Charm - Attracting The Best In Life - 4

Not getting the appreciation you deserve? Having difficulty connecting with the people you actually want to connect with? Don't seem to have many friends who are as interested as you in connecting?

The Art of Charm is the program for you to learn how to communicate effectively with anyone! How do you use your interests and quirks to your advantage as you communicate with just about anyone!

Whether you're an introvert, socially awkward, or already a charmer, this session can help you effectively communicate with anyone while staying true to yourself.

Using a simple system of accept, adapt and articulate, one can easily become a master communicator!

Previous Sessions:

1. Why Am I Here?
2. Enhancing Your Strengths
3. Accepting Reality

For this Fourth Session

4. Understanding How The World Works

One of the biggest problems that we face is that we are not matching, or understanding how to be part of this world. For this next session, we would be covering how the world works, and how it is different from YOUR beliefs.

7.30 - 8pm: Registration
8 - 8.30pm: Introductions and sharing
8.30 - 9.30pm: Sharing Session with Activities
9.30 - 10pm: Chill and Mingle!

Light refreshments and basic drinks will be provided.

The next sessions are:

4. Understanding How The World Works
5. What Makes People "Successful"
6. Substance Over Form
7. What Creates Attraction?
8. Expanding Your Identity
9. Image and Presentation
10. Break The Ice!
11. Creating Engaging Conversations
12. Be Who You Always Wanted To Be

About The Speaker:

Ethan is an entrepreneur, life coach, and all-round geek who loves to hopes to help people who are great at what they do but can't communicate it well find their way around. He has written for magazines, spoke for TEDxNUS, has been invited to perform as a musician across Asia and Europe, and has transformed hundreds of lives through his journey with his unique methods of coaching and music education.

An ex-medical student focusing on psychiatry, Ethan devoted his time to understanding how people work and learnt much about psychotherapy methods through a psychology diploma program and his own deep research into psychology.

If you want to know more (even before this program), contact him at seowyizhe@gmail.com to find out more!
Thu Aug 4, 2016
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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