Exporting extensive range of anchor bolt system

Exporting extensive range of anchor bolt system. “Sinorock” has a global reach with ‘ efficiency in delivery’, expressing the time management as an edge over contenders in the field. Here, all the products are made well in tune according to the International Standards & Specifications. Here by have innumerable happy & satisfied customers nationally & internationally.

With rapid development of economy, the underground engineering construction has made remarkable achievements. However, in the settlement of the mountain collapse, landslides and other issues, self drilling bolt has been more and more popular with each engineer. It combines drilling, grouting and anchoring in one progress and this technical characteristics is significant for anchoring under the complex geological conditions.

Sinorock - In many cases leading the way in new and exciting efforts addressing anchor bolt Protection.Sinorock self drilling rock bolt is a guarantee of quality for our clients.Self drilling rock bolt has fully Threaded Rod Sections and combines both operations into a single construction cycle, enabling high rates of production,continuous thread ensures that rods can be cut and coupled at any point.It can be installed into loose or collapsing soils without the need for a temporary.
Fri Jul 29, 2016
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