The one remedy to procrastination, or how to avoid a false start


How can we have all the chances on our side right at the start?
We all have something we really want to get: this new job, this date with that special someone or even this new holiday project of ours...
How would be your life if you could just get what you really want?

This FREE workshop is a conversation and exercises on discovering the only thing required to avoid a false start and begin to get what you want in life with confidence and peace of mind.

On this evening, you will know how to go:
- From Confused to Decisive
- From Fearful to Confident
- From Procrastinating to being in Action

Are you looking for a better, simpler and wealthier life... but can't quite decide on when or how to begin?
Or do you already got this idea that just seems right for you... but you are unsure on where to start to make it a success?
If so then this workshop is for you!

During this workshop you will know how to deal with the 3 infamous questions that stop us from getting what we want in life:
- Am I capable?
- Is it possible?
- Do I deserve it?

How often are we stopped by those kind of considerations? Can you see that sometimes, we don't dare act because deep down we are asking ourselves "But do I deserve to get this?" ?

How about you could transform that "someday" in "now"? Can you imagine how your life could be?

As your host for tonight, expect from me total passion, honesty and playfulness that will make this evening not only engaging, but thoroughly enjoyable.

So learn how to stop procrastinating now and register here or http://tinyurl.com/RegisterFYP ;)


Here is the map to find the lift on level 2:

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Thu Aug 11, 2016
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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SCAPE HubQuarters
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*Scape, #04-01 Hubquarters, Singapore Singapore
On Level 2, find the lift. Go to level 4. In front of you, there is the HubQuarters. Get in and go to the Welcoming Desk. Turn to your left, follow the corridor and enter the second room on your right, called Cockpit.
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