【LEAD】 MEAN Stack Masterclass - Web App Dev in JS


Learn The Friendliest Full Stack Framework

As technology advances, web applications get complicated. Startups and companies often rely on full stack developer/architect to build, support and maintain their web applications. While there are many choices of languages - Ruby, Python and PHP, people are increasingly going straight to JavaScript (the No 1 Web language - most widely used with the most active developer community) to do it all. The major Javascript stack, MEAN is a fun and innovative cutting-edge technology package that is conquering the market.

Introduction to Full Stack Development
2 Projects - Web Apps To Built in the Class
We will be building real web applications model after popular startups, instead of irrelevant classroom demo.
Along the way, we will be discussing real world coding scenarios. In the end, you will learn to build real time web applications (asynchronous callback) that are highly scalable. You will also be building API based application and grasp REST architecture.

Day 1 : Introduction to JavaScript & Full Stack Development.
  • Pre test
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Full Stack programming
  • Architecting a full stack web app
  • Case study (Airbnb)
  • Learn about the JavaScript and key components in NodeJs
  • Understand the design of a full scale web application

Day 2 : NodeJs and ExpressJs (Back-end Application)

  • Web Framework in NodeJs
  • NodeJs Vs other framework/tech
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Asynchronous I/O
  • Know how to setup routes, paths
  • Benefits of using JS as backend Vs others
  • Learn ExpressJS middleware
Day 3 : NoSQL with MongoDB (Database)
  • CRUD using MongoDB
  • Structured Vs Unstructured data
  • SQL Vs NoSQL database
  • Object Relation Modelling (ORM) using Mongoose
  • Understanding of NoSQL database.
  • Good understanding of JSON doc model
  • Understand how MongoDB stores data
  • Able to differentiate RDBMS and NoSQL, and indentify the suitability of using which
Day 4 : AngularJS (Front - end)
  • Angular Directives
  • Two way data binding
  • Dependency Injection and Modules
  • Controllers, Services, Filters
  • Write their own single page application using AngularJS
  • Able to write responsive front-end using filters, directives
Day 5 : Deploy & Architecture
  • Develop (git)
  • Setup & deploy to Heroku
  • Design RESTFUL Architecture
  • Q&A session
  • Post Test
  • Able to deploy from local computers to cloud platform
For more information visit our event page at : http://masterclass.thelead.io/


  1. Give good overview of full stack development
  2. Understand MEAN stack and NodeJS ecosystem
  3. Let participants explore JavaScript backend development

Mentor/Trainer - Dr. Lau Cher Han

Full Stack Developer
  • Multiple full stack (C# .NET, JavaScript, Ruby, Php)
  • CTO of co-oprating.com
  • LEAD Research Developer at Microsoft e-Research Centre,

  • In house trainer for Intel, HP, Fusionex,
  • Trainer for MaGIC Full Stack Development MEAN Stack
  • Train UPM, UKM, UTM, USM, etc
  • Trainer for MDEC, TalentCorp
  • Certified HRDF trainer
  • Founding Director of MaGIC Academy
  • Mentor-in-Residence for MaGIC Accelerator Program
  • Chief Researcher SITEC (Selangor IT E-Commerce Council)
  • Advisor for Selangor State Governments
  • Advisor for startups

Aug 1 - Aug 5, 2016
[ Mon ] - [ Fri ]
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM MYT
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E-28-1,Jalan Multimedia 7/AG, City Park, i-City Shah Alam
Normal SOLD OUT RM1,799.00
Student SOLD OUT RM1,499.00
2 persons group bundle (RM 1,399 per pax) SOLD OUT RM2,798.00
Venue Address
E-28-1,Jalan Multimedia 7/AG, City Park, i-City Shah Alam Malaysia
E-28-1,Jalan Multimedia 7/AG, City Park, i-City Shah Alam