Business Optimization using Web Analytics


This is a two weekend interactive seminar over September 17th and September 24th. We will provide 10 hours of instruction over two weekends - September 17th (1-6PM) and September 24th (1-6PM). We offer a 20% discount for groups.

The cost of this seminar is 364 SG $.

The associate web analytics seminar is the most popular of WACA's seminars in Japan. We are offering it now in Singapore.

For who is this seminar?

This program is suited for those who want to:

• Acquire more traffic and more conversions to their business

• Pursue a new career in Digital Marketing

• Start their own business

• Have a standard marketing framework that can be reused in different scenarios

• Understand consumer behavior, primarily the consumer user journey

• Widen their knowledge beyond a standard sales career

Why should you take this seminar?

Seminar participants will:

• Be able to optimize business results for both offline and online businesses

• Be able to understand the purchasing behavior of their customers

• Be able to look at a business from three perspectives: Business Analysis, Customer Behavior, Online Traffic

• Acquire certification that recognizes you as an Associate Web Analytics Consultant

What is the curriculum?

Our certification program includes our textbook for the Associate Web Analytics Consultant course. The textbook covers the following topics:

1.What is Web Analytics?-The role of the web in today’s society and the significance of Web Analytics

2.Business Analysis- Analyze businesses by utilizing proven frameworks

3.KPI and Planning - How to set intermediate targets that leads to the achievement of final goals

4.Designing a blueprint for Web Analysis - Tools and techniques necessary for web analysis and how to report analysis results

5.Analyzing Trends - How to grasp overall trends from key indicators such as users, page views, sessions, session duration and conversions

6.Analyzing Referrers- How to analyze each type of referrer including paid media which is becoming increasingly important

7. Content Analysis - Reducing Bounce rate and exit rate, reasons why users leave the a site, and how to improve a particular page or site

8. Proposals and Reports-Creating easy to understand proposals and reports.

Contact me at 83321740 or email support@waca.sg if you have any questions.

Sat Sep 17, 2016
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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100 Beach Road, #01-41B, Shaw Tower - Singapore 189702
Seminar Fee SOLD OUT $364.00
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100 Beach Road, #01-41B, Shaw Tower - Singapore 189702 Singapore
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