July 19 - Entrepreneur DNA


Behind every amazing brand aren’t just brilliant products and services, but passionate – and sometimes, crazy – people who dare to dream and challenge norms to constantly blow consumers’ minds and even potentially revolutionise an industry.

These rebel entrepreneurs have made a name for themselves with their awesome digital startups in the music, video and art scene. From fear and failure to courage and success – they’ve been through it all and are here to share their stories. What inspired them? How did they do it? What does it take?

NOTE: Event is private and not open to public.

Clarence Chan / Founder and CEO,

Clarence Chan is the founder of Bandwagon, an award-winning platform connecting music enthusiasts to the best of music from around the region. An avid musician himself, Clarence dreamt of making the world a better place through his interest in music and business. Today, Bandwagon is Singapore’s largest gig finder and works with some of the biggest brands to promote regional artists via its website and events.

Derek Tan / Co-Founder,
Derek Tan is the co-founder of Viddsee, an online gateway to the best original short films by promising filmmakers from the region. Derek, along with Viddsee co-founder Ho Jia Jian were engineers-cum-filmmakers who were trying to get their films out to a large, global audience. They were digital guys building digital methods of distributing content, who decided to try putting their content online. And Viddsee was born.

Sunny Sachev / Co-Founder,
Entrepreneur Sunny Sachdev is the co-founder of Kraftka, a website selling “crowd-created” sneakers featuring unique designs by budding creatives from across the globe. With a background in fashion and a full time job as Creative Director with Pronto Denim, Sunny’s inspiration for Kraftka came from his wife who customised a pair of sneakers for him.

Ivy Wong / CEO, VS Media
Founder and CEO of VS Media, Ivy Wong has certainly created a name for herself in the past 15 years. Incredibly driven and dedicated, she started out as Asia’s Senior Director of Global Sales at Yahoo!, Chief Operating Officer of TVB.com, and then moved on to become the CEO of Next Mobile Limited. VS MEDIA was created to help content creators realise their potential in producing locally-driven videos. Today, it has over 50 million subscribers globally.

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