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Since the body copy is the heart and soul of quality, unique articles, that’s where the largest chunk of your writing time is spent. Providing a fresh angle means that every piece is a completely original article.
You are free to move in any direction you wish with article writing. Every article you write will be yours and yours alone if you use these ideas to stimulate your unlimited creative mind. Don’t just write what everyone else does. Add your own points, personality and perspective. This alone will set you apart.
Below are some additional “thought triggers” to stimulate your creativity and help you uncover 3 key elements instantly. Use them and you’ll uncover new angles for additional articles.
Any one of these idea-generators can be the catalyst that gets you going on a new article for your blog, web site, paper review, or to post in an article directory. Try different variations. Choose one method that works for you and use it to generate multiple article ideas from that one method. It’s fast and fun once you get on a roll and let the momentum carry you.

Here are a few samples to get you started:
1. What are the first three ideas that come to mind when you think of this topic? (Simply jot down the words, ideas, thoughts, or images that appear on the screen of your mind.)
2. Divide your topic into 3 by looking at the past, present and future. How was the task completed in the past? How are today’s methods different? How will the future change the way things are done today? (Identify the before… the now… and how it might be in years to come and write a paragraph about each.)
3. What are the first 3 steps to take to get you on the right track to accomplish a task or obtain a result? (What actions will move readers closer to the outcome they seek?)
4. What are the most common mistakes in this area? (Identify where most people get it wrong and then show your readers how to get it right.)
I’ve given you some ideas to prompt your inner creativity. Once you’re tapped in and turned on creatively, you’ll find an endless stream of content ideas to write an essaytyper review about.
Now you just need to plug in the content that fits. That’s your job as niche marketer, topic expert or specialist in your chosen field. And it’s why it’s important to gain a foundational understanding and immerse the mind in the subject at hand as a preliminary step.
Life as an article marketer is so much easier when you have a genuine interest in the overall topic or niche. Surround yourself with the best sources of information and soak it up like a sponge in water. Then use the triggers presented here to tap into that vast reservoir of information and answers inside you.
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