Pitch Perfect (Main Event)


What is Pitch Perfect ?

Today's businesses are on the constant look out for new investor fundings. Many companies in particular are interested in entering new found hot zones like Shenzhen Qianhai, whereas other Chinese business owners, are looking for ways to expand globally with international investors.

“Pitch Perfect” is a brand new concept platform that merges international investing with professional consultation, all the critical component for a business to excel. Pitching companies will have an opportunity to pitch in front of an international panel of investors including those of Shenzhen Qianhai and other global countries. The panel will also consists of industry professionals who will actively provide valuable advice and connections to refine the business models. Company owners will benefit by having a chance to really gain funding from China or overseas investors and making a way into such markets, and getting valuable advice on refining the business models for more effective and successful operations.

Event Schedule

Schedule may subject to last minute changes

1330 - 1410: Reception and Registration
1410 - 1440: Company Pitch 1
1440 - 1445: One-minute Investor
1445 - 1515: Company Pitch 2
1515 - 1520: One-minute Investor
1520 - 1540: Company Pitch 3
1540 - 1545: One-minute Investor
1545 - 1555: Break
1555 - 1625: Company Pitch 4
1625 - 1630: One-minute Investor
1630 - 1700: Company Pitch 5
1700 - 1705: One-minute Investor
1705 - 1715: Scoring and "Best of Show" announcement
1715 - 1730: Ask the Investor + Networking

Who should Attend?

The event is specifically designed for:
  1. Investors (individuals, seed, angels, VCs, or PE individuals or firms); or those who wish to become an investor or related businesses
  2. Entrepreneurs - from startups to mature businesses, even M&A ready, listed companies
  3. Business executives wishing to understand more about various industry streams and insider knowledge

Event Highlights

Fund Pitching Session
Selected companies will be pitching in front of real investors and industry professionals, in a hope to acquire funding or a place into the "Fast Track" program for practical professional development.
"Best of Show" category
Pitching companies will be rated by the advisors in terms of "Investor Motivational Skills" and "Business Model Validity". The company with the highest score wins "Best of Show" category and has a secured placement into our "Fast Track" Program.
Fast Track Program
Pitching companies may be selected into our Fast Track program, which gives them all the practical benefits of running a business and effectively and efficiently get funded (See Section below)
"One-Minute Investor" sessions
One Investor, One Topic, One Minute. Want to understand the inside processes and thoughts of a real seasoned investor? Our advisors will be giving you a snap shot of how they really work, giving deep insights to both entrepreneurs and new investors for reference.
"Do you want it?" (On the spot audience voting)
After each company pitch, the general audience will get a chance to vote if they would like to be a customer to the business. This gives the company owners a good market gauging and also to immediately capture onsite potential customers, and understand further from a public market point of view.
Why do/don't you want it? (Real audience market feedback)
Get a sense of why your business works or not work with certain normal consumers. The real audience will get a chance to voice out to you and will give you better sense of future improvements.
Live Business Matching (for pitching companies)
Good business collaborations may arise after the audience have heard your company pitch. We have devised a method to help facilitate the process of matching immediately onsite partners.
"Ask the investor" Q&A
As an entrepreneur or a new angel investor, you now have the chance to ask specific questions that relates to your business, and getting a valuable solution from our seasoned advisors.
Networking session
The gathering where all business owners and investors congregate, to meet new people and more business.

About the Organizer:
Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect series is Asia's most significant entrepreneur+investor funding/event platform.
Under this platform, there are 2 major event platforms
1) Angel Investors Roundtable: a forum dedicated to helping angel investors becoming more successful
2) Pitch Perfect: where global entrepreneurs pitch in front of global/China investors

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Sat Jul 30, 2016
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM HKT
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3/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Hong Kong