Blockbuster TOKYO business plan presentation【3rd March (Wed) 13:00~】【simultaneous interpretation available】

Simultaneous interpretation(Japanese)https://youtu.be/XKAHQIziu5Q

創薬・医療系ベンチャー育成支援プログラム「Blockbuster TOKYO」の2020年度の最終イベント「ビジネスプラン発表会」を2021年3月3日(水)に開催いたします。

東京都が主催し、Beyond Next Ventures株式会社が運営するBlockbuster TOKYOでは、創薬・医療系のベンチャーや起業を目指す方々の支援を行ってきました。
また、当日は ARCH Venture Partners のCo-founder, Managing Director であるキース・クランデル氏による基調講演もございます。


On 3rd March, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Beyond Next Ventures Inc. will host Business Plan Presentation of Blockbuster TOKYO, an acceleration program for pharmaceutical and medical startups.

Blockbuster TOKYO is an acceleration program dedicated for drug developing companies and we run the program with the support of Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We have been mentoring for selected teams to help them overcome obstacles and move forward their business from October 2020. Now, we would like to let them show their progress to the world at the pitch event on March 3th 2021. During the final event, teams will present their business plan in English.

In addition, a special keynote speech will be given by Mr. Keith Crandell (Co-founder and Managing Director, ARCH Venture Partners).

スピーカー紹介/ Guest speaker

Keith Crandell
Co-founder and Managing Director, ARCH Venture Partners

Mr. Crandell focuses on life science tools, devices and diagnostics, specialty materials, electronics and instrumentation, and optics and photonics businesses.

Mr. Crandell has played a key role in the formation and initial funding round of Quanterix (QTRX), 908 Devices, Arbor Biotechnologies, Cytrellis Biosystems, Ultivue, Genturi, , Vizgen, ALIS Corp. (acquired by Carl Zeiss SMT), Eichrom Industries (acquired by Gary Comer, Inc.), Nanophase Technologies (NANX), and Illinois Superconductor (ISCO). He was also responsible for ARCH’s investment in New Era of Networks (NEON, acquired by Sybase-SY), Apropos Technology (APRS, acquired by Syntellect-ESL), Teach.com (acquired by Intellinex), CelebrateExpress (BDAY, acquired by Liberty Media-LINTA), Ahura Scientific (acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific-TMO), Adesto Technologies (IOTS), Boreal Genomics, Twist Bioscience (TWST) , and Crystal IS (acquired by Asahi Kasei-AHKSY), among others. He previously served as a director of MicroOptical Devices (acquired by EMCORE-EMKR) and was an early director of Engineering Animation, Inc (EAII, acquired by Unigraphics). He is a director of Quanterix, 908 Devices, Boreal Genomics, Twist Bioscience, Arbor Biotechnologies, Cytrellis Biosystems, Genturi, and Ultivue. Prior to the founding of ARCH, Mr. Crandell was with the specialty chemical and polymer company, Hercules, Inc.

Mr. Crandell has served on the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board at the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship, ChicagoBooth since 2005, and also as a Director of the Clean Energy Trust since 2010. He previously served on the Advisory Board of the Illinois State Treasurer Technology Development Account and Illinois Development and Growth Fund, fund-of-funds focused on Illinois private equity and venture capital partnerships. He has been active with the Illinois Venture Capital Association since its inception, previously serving as Chairman. Mr. Crandell also serves on the Chicago History Museum Board of Trustees and the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering Advisory Council. Mr. Crandell also serves on the investment advisory board for the Partners Innovation Fund, a venture capital fund affiliated with Harvard Medical School Hospitals. He previously served as a Director of the National Venture Capital Association and the Governmental Affairs Committee.

Mr. Crandell holds an M.B.A. from The University of Chicago, an M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Arlington, and a B.S. in Chemistry and Mathematics from St. Lawrence University.

イベント概要/Date, Time, and Contents

Date: 3rd March, Wed, 2021

Time: 13:00-17:00(JST)

視聴方法:YouTube Live
Access: YouTube Live

Simultaneous interpretation(Japanese)https://youtu.be/XKAHQIziu5Q

Host: Tokyo Metropolitan Government

運営事務局:Beyond Next Ventures 株式会社
Administration:Beyond Next Ventures Inc.

Contents: Opening speech by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Beyond Nexr Ventures Inc., Keynote speech by Mr. Keith Crandell, English Pitches

Fee: Free

※The web links or business summary materials of presentation teams are going to be posted on our web page.

※ライブ配信は、当日、公式 HP からご覧になれます。
※You can watch the Live Broadcast from HERE on the day

当日スケジュール/Schedule of the day

13:00∼13:05 開会・イベントの概要説明 / Opening greetings
13:10~13:50 キース・クランデル氏による基調講演 / Keynote speech by Mr. Keith Crandell
13:50~16:50 英語ピッチ発表(各チーム10分) / Pitch presentation( about 10 min English pitch per 1 team)*simultaneous interpretation available
16:50~17:00 閉会の挨拶 / Closing

ピッチ・出展予定チーム/Participating Teams

イベント情報/Event information


お問い合わせ:Blockbuster TOKYO運営事務局(info@blockbuster.tokyo)


■ ご応募時に入力いただいた個人情報は主催者及びBeyond Next Ventures株式会社(以下、当社)が参加者リストの作成、ご本人様確認、お問い合わせ対応などの目的にのみ利用いたします。

■ 天災、不慮の事故等のやむを得ない事情や主催者側の都合により、当時のイベント内容が変更または中止になる場合がございます。

■ Beyond Next Ventures , Inc. will use your personal information to make the attendee list, confirming the attendance, and responding to your inquiries.

■ This event may be canceled or have changes in content, due to disaster, accidents or other reasons.

【Blockbuster TOKYO】
東京都から委託を受けたBeyond Next Ventures(株)が、創薬・医療系ベンチャーやベンチャーの起業を目指す研究者等を対象に実施 する育成支援プログラムです。
Beyond Next Ventures, Inc. operates Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Blockbuster TOKYO" which is an acceleration program for pharmaceutical and medical startup. The program aims to accelerate foundation and growth of pharmaceutical and medical startups by providing various supports.

【Beyond Next Ventures】
Beyond Next Ventures(株)は、2014年8月に創業した、医療機器、デジタルヘルスや再生医療等のライフサイエンス分野を中心に革新的な技術を有する大学発・技術系ベンチャーへのインキュベーション投資に特化した独立系ベンチャーキャピタルです。
また、2019年からは、日本橋にてシェア型のウェットラボ、「Beyond BioLAB TOKYO」や、技術シーズと共同創業者をマッチングする「Co-founders」を運営しています。
Beyond Next Ventures is a venture capital that supports the creation of startups based on technology from universities. Established in 2014, we invest in innovative start-ups such as life sciences, healthcare, robots, devices, etc. Our program "BRAVE" is the largest accelerating platform in Japan, targeting university areas. And we run "Beyond BioLAB TOKYO", which is the only shared-laboratory in Tokyo.

【Contact information】
Blockbuster TOKYO お問い合わせ先
Blockbuster TOKYO 運営事務局 (Beyond Next Ventures株式会社内)
E-mail : info@blockbuster.tokyo
web : https://www.blockbuster.tokyo
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