7/19 (火)『性の女戦士たち/ジェニタル・ウォリアーズ』上映会




『THE GENITAL WARRIORS』(2014年/ドイツ/86分/ドイツ語・日本語字幕)

Screening “The Genital Warriors” and after talk with Director Matthew Way.

“The Genital Warriors” (2014 / Germany / 86 Min / German and English with Japanese subs)

"A post-modern Dadaist masterpiece! An identity farce! The anthem of a parallel universe! I love this movie!!!"
-Patrick Knorr, screenplay writer

The ensemble film “The Genital Warriors” pieces together the three main characters’ fragmentary pasts, allowing their different perspectives and memories to meet and overlap. A geronto-psychiatric ward in Hamburg, Germany: The 70 year-old patient FRANK types a screenplay about his relationships with LENA (71) and BARBARA (68), two women he lost long ago and now wants to win back. These two women meet by chance on a park bench over the Elbe River; Flashbacks take us back to their fragmentary memories of places and relationships. Both women were romantically involved with the same two men, Frank and VIKTOR. It ended badly. They decide to take revenge and travel by means of a magic wand into the past. On their journey, different embodiments of Lena and Barbara meet their ex- boyfriends again and again, fighting for the correct version of their common hi/story – their ex-boyfriends are to be wiped out. This is achieved in a drive-by shooting from an old pink Cadillac or at the old club where the Beatles got famous. But Frank continues to work on his screenplay and doubles of the two men consistently rise again. To his horror, Frank discovers that, in addition to Lena and Barbara, his doctor has also played a role in his life story. Frank accuses Dr. Reimenschneider of always having stood between him and the two women. The boundaries between reality and fiction become increasingly fragile…

Matthew Way (Director)
Matthew Way was born outside of Philadelphia, USA, studied at Wesleyan and Duke Universities and moved to South America before getting a Fulbright Scholarship in Germany, where he founded Way Film Production in 2003. He makes a living by subtitling mainly German films both past and present – from Hans-Christian Schmid, Fatih Akin and Christian Petzold, to Wim Wenders, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Fritz Lang. He employs native speakers of various languages to subtitle films from all around the world, for example by Luis Buñuel, Jean-Luc Godard and modern directors, too. Matthew lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg, while also frequenting the USA and much of Europe.

Tue Jul 19, 2016
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM JST
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