Combat - Sport - Psychology - (an exploration starting June 29th, all sessions start at 730pm)

Ever wondered about the difference between wrestling and jiu jitsu?

Ever wonder if you your jits can be applied in a street fight (combat)?

Ever wonder what to be aware of when being in a street fight?

Ever wonder how different sparring with a wrestler would be?

Well - come find out, we're introducing two weeks of introductory lessons into the psyche of a sport jiu jitsu vs. sport wrestling.

Also we'll explore the difference between sport and combat.

Not saying one is good, and one is bad - just saying they are fundamentally different, and should be treated as such.

This is a 7 week program designed to provide a comprehensive review of the scramble, takedowns, and common control points

All sessions are 2-hours long - instructor - http://www.kapapsingapore.com/#!instructors/citr

Week 1

- Intensity difference vs BJJ (psychology of combat)

-a comprehensive review of the scramble, takedowns, and common control points

Week 2

- a review of previous week, with significant rolling time to practice items from previous week.

Week 3

Scramble Deepdive

  • from the back
  • from mount
  • side control

Week 4

Takedown Deepdive

  • into submissions
  • intro control vantage position

Week 5

Creative Control Deepdive

  • unusual submissions
  • riding the opponent - #catchstyle

Control points submission deep dive

Week 6

Putting it all together Deepdive

  • drills
  • partner training
  • cross training

Week 7

Psychology of combat

  • partner training
  • cross training

Wed Aug 10, 2016
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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