【2/26 10:00-】BlockbusterTOKYO 2020 第9回 研修プログラム「ソーシャルメディアを活用した創薬・バイオ系スタートアップの価値向上」 -How to utilize the social media to increase the value your company-

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-Blockbuster TOKYO 2020 第9回 研修プログラム!-

Seminar program in Blockbuster TOKYO 2020

Blockbuster TOKYOは東京都が主催し、Beyond Next Ventures株式会社が運営する創薬・医療系ベンチャー育成支援プログラムです。新型コロナウイルスの拡大により、スタートアップと投資家・顧客候補・CXO候補と対面で接する機会に制限がかかるなか、メディア、ソーシャルメディア、SNSを活用した情報発信、コンタクト機会の形成がより重要なものとなっています。
今回は、世界のバイオスタートアップ領域をリードするアクセラレーターであるIndie BioのCo-founderであり、現在はWild Earth社のCEOとしてメディアを最大限に活用して事業を拡大させるRyan Bethencourt氏に登壇頂き、創薬・バイオ系スタートアップの価値向上のためにいかにソーシャルメディアを活用していくべきかパネルディスカッション形式で学びを深めていきます。
Beyond Next Ventures, Inc. operates Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Blockbuster TOKYO" which is an acceleration program for pharmaceutical and medical startup.
COVID-19 virus pandemic made it difficult for entrepreneures to contact with potential investors, cutomers, executive members directly. So, utlizing SNS or social media to spread your information and communicate with them is getting more and more important. This seminer, we invited Mr. Ryan,having outstanding experience, to discuss about how to utilize the social media to increase the value your company.
Also, the PR officer in BNV is going to show the important points in public relations for startups.

スタートアップの創業者には、技術のみならず全ての側面で優れていることが求められています。そのため、多様性をもったチームを形成することが成功の近道であると言われています。しかしながら、ほとんどのバイオテックスタートアップは小さな実験スペースと数人のテクニカルスタッフ、もしくはたった1人の経営者で構成されていることが多く、この状況を乗り越えて成功に至るためには、先行事例を多く学び、周囲の人材・リソースを最大限に活用することが必要です。この点において、今回登壇頂く Wild Earth社の Ryan Bethencourt氏は秀でた実績を持っています。彼は、いくつものソーシャルメディアを活用し、事業を拡大させてきました。これらの"パブリックな関係"は投資家を引き付け、顧客を呼び込み、チームを拡充させることで、スタートアップとしての成功を手繰り寄せています。彼の経験談から成功のヒントを見つけ出しましょう。
Being a startup founder is a difficult job, you must advance all aspects of the business not just the technology; this is why diverse teams are generally more successful that individuals. But almost everything starts with just one person or, in the biotech space, a small group of technical experts. The solution to success then is to learn a little about a lot and leverage all the people and resources around you. Few entrepreneurs have done this better than Ryan Bethencourt. He is particularly adept at leveraging various media and social media channels to promote his businesses. These “public relations” efforts are valuable for attracting investors, customers and additional team members, all of which increase your ventures success. Come listen and learn from his experience.


2021年2月26日(金) 10:00-11:00
February 26, 2021 (Fri) 10: 00-11: 00 (JST)

【オンラインリンク/ Link for the online seminar】
*We will send Link for the seminar via e-mail by the day before . You can't access that from this event page.

【プログラム/ Contents】
・Beyond Next Ventures からのご挨拶 / Introduction from Beyond Next Ventures
・ソーシャルメディアを活用したスタートアップの価値向上/ How to utilize the social media to increase the value your company
・2020年度の活動紹介/ Introduction of programs for Blockbuster TOKYO 2020
・ビジネスプラン発表会のご案内/ Introduction of business plas pitch event

英語/ English

【参加方法/ Entry】
・製薬・医療領域に関連するスタートアップ、またアカデミック分野にいる方を主な対象としています。/ Audience: early stage startups, academia




Ryan Bethencourt
CEO/ CO-founder at Wild Earth Inc.

Ryan Bethencourt is the CEO of Wild Earth, the leading plant based pet food company in the US. He’s also a Partner at Babel Ventures, an early stage biotech venture capital firm. Ryan has years of experience in leading, building and advising high-growth food and biotechnology companies.
Ryan was previously, co-founder, former Program Director, and Venture Partner at IndieBio and has invested in over 120 early stage biotech startups and served as the head of life sciences at the XPRIZE Foundation.


Mayu Moroshima, Ph. D.
Executive Officer, Beyond Next Ventures Inc. 

After working with large pharmaceutical and medical companies as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, Mayu Morishima joined BNV to work more closely with startup companies and support raw innovation in Japan. In addition to leading BNV’s life science and biotech investments, Mayu is in charge of BNV’s global expansion and Blockbuster TOKYO program as one of its core management members. Mayu’s goal is to transform innovations in academia, especially in Japan, into actual products that improve people’s lives and society. Mayu’s research experience includes characterization of the mechanism of piRNAs, those have been linked to gene silencing of retrotransposons and other genetic elements while undergoing molecular biology training as a graduate student at Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo. Mayu also studied drug-resistant tuberculosis strains in a genotyping project at the KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for TB and HIV (K-RITH) in South Africa.

Caleb B. Bell III, Ph.D.
Beyond Next ventures Inc.

Caleb is a passionate entrepreneur, well-published scientist and enthusiastic investor. He received a business training and PhD in Biophysical Chemistry from Stanford University and spun a Cell Therapy company out of Stanford. Through his Academic training and businesses, Caleb has had many interactions with Japan and is focused on building trans Pacific bridges to support commercialization of life science and biotech innovations and innovators.

Sae Hiyama
Beyond Next Ventures


【Blockbuster TOKYO】
東京都から委託を受けたBeyond Next Ventures(株)が、創薬・医療系ベンチャーやベンチャーの起業を目指す研究者等を対象に実施 する育成支援プログラムです。
Beyond Next Ventures, Inc. operates Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Blockbuster TOKYO" which is an acceleration program for pharmaceutical and medical startup. The program aims to accelerate foundation and growth of pharmaceutical and medical startups by providing various supports.

【Beyond Next Ventures】
Beyond Next Ventures(株)は、2014年8月に創業した、医療機器、デジタルヘルスや再生医療等のライフサイエンス分野を中心に革新的な技術を有する大学発・技術系ベンチャーへのインキュベーション投資に特化した独立系ベンチャーキャピタルです。
また、2019年からは、日本橋にてシェア型のウェットラボ、「Beyond BioLAB TOKYO」や、技術シーズと共同創業者をマッチングする「Co-founders」を運営しています。
Beyond Next Ventures is a venture capital that supports the creation of startups based on technology from universities. Established in 2014, we invest in innovative start-ups such as life sciences, healthcare, robots, devices, etc. Our program "BRAVE" is the largest accelerating platform in Japan, targeting university areas. And we run "Beyond BioLAB TOKYO", which is the only shared-laboratory in Tokyo.

【Contact information】
Blockbuster TOKYO お問い合わせ先
Blockbuster TOKYO 運営事務局 (Beyond Next Ventures株式会社内)
E-mail : info@blockbuster.tokyo
web : https://www.blockbuster.tokyo
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