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Hello, today we want to talk about design, keep in mind that training classes are held every day on the mentioned date.
I will share with you about a part of the catalog design chapter in Photoshop here. Join our classes that are completely free to learn the complete catalog design in Photoshop.

Catalog design tutorial in Photoshop

If you are not familiar with Adobe Photoshop or you think it is very scary or surprises you, we are here to teach you how to design a catalog in Photoshop that is actually very easy to work with! This is especially true for small businesses that need to create their own product catalogs and it is also very important. Are you ready to learn? Follow this to design stunning product catalogs with Photoshop.

Organize information for your product catalog
Instead of using a desktop publishing program, you can easily learn how to create a product catalog in Photoshop.

If you want to send it by e-mail to customers, you still have to print it, in fact print marketing catalogs are great for marketing products and all kinds of jobs.

First you need to make sure you know how to take high quality product photos. to do this:

Get a white background or set the products in a natural environment that is relevant to the use of the products.
Invest in quality lighting or expose your products to daylight.
Get inspired by other brands you like and how they put their products on social media and؟?
Take a basic Photoshop editing course.
While you are planning to use Photoshop to edit your photos, it is important that you know how to edit your photos.

Try to make the products look as great as possible without any editing. This will make the process easier for you, especially if you are new to the program.

Now, draw your ideas on a piece of paper. What do you want your catalog to look like?

Here, you need to think about the actual size of the pages in your catalog and try to make the photos as strategic as possible.

Think of the organization. Do you want to organize your products according to the season or price?
Create product page text
You are not logged in to Photoshop yet. You need to open a word processor like Microsoft Word and write the version for each of your products.

For each product you need:
طراحی کاتالوگ

Product Description
Options / Features
Colors / sizes
If you add a product code to any product, it will make your job much easier when you finally get to designing a product catalog.

To further organize your catalog, it is best to go back to your product photos and put them all in one folder.

Then, tag each product photo with the corresponding product number. If you can help, you can create a separate Word document for each product, tag it with the appropriate number, and save it in the same folder.

That way, when you want to create a catalog in Photoshop, everything you need will be organized together on a regular basis.

Create a catalog layout in Photoshop
Now that you have your product photos, product releases, and everything organized, you can start designing catalogs in Photoshop!

First you need to open Photoshop, select "File" and then select "New".

This will help you adjust the specifications of the document, and this is where you need to pay attention.

Change the size type from "Pixels" to "Inches".
for more detail : Good luck attending our classes
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