The vast of engineers choose the Sinorock as their self drilling anchor bolt supplier

Sinorock is a company that provides self drilling anchor in many different sizes for large or small projects. Their anchor bolts have been used all over the world but the company is located in the China. With their main sales office located in luoyang and fabrication facilities located in luoyang, China, and Sinorock they have the capabilities to supply anyone across the nation with self drilling anchors in the quantity and size that are requested.

Sinorock's self drilling anchor bolts are embedded in concrete and used to support structural steel columns, light poles, highway sign structures, bridge rail, equipment, and many other applications.Self drilling anchor bolts are used with the head embedded in masonry or concrete and its threaded part protruding to hold a structure or machinery in place.Sinorock rock bolt systems can be used to stabilize slopes, support rocks at shallow or steep depths, prevent cave-ins, and offer tunnel support. With quick, efficient installation, it combines drilling, placing, and grouting all in one operation.And our anchor bolt system can be served as the an economical solution for challenging soil conditions where installing conventional micropiles may not be the best option.

The vast of engineers choose the Sinorock as their self drilling anchor bolt supplier - because we make the difference in the market: expecially regarding anchor bolt system quality, but also our excellent technical support, indispensible for working with our customers on development of new products.

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