Metis is your one-stop source for all types of anchor bolts

Metis is your one-stop source for all types of anchor bolts. Regardless of the material, plating, or testing requirements; we can make it happen! Our anchor bolts experts will exceed your projects needs. Our capabilities run up to 6” in Diameter and 150mm. We also stock and are capable of supplying anchor bolt packages. Our items can be plated in many different platings. Fasteners that are plated with zinc chromate, Galvanize, or Teflon (Fluorokote-1) are kept in stock. In addition, contact Lightning Bolt & Supply for your wind industry/wind turbine fasteners. DIN and ISO Metric fasteners are available.

Self drilling anchor bolt is a new anchoring method, which was introduced from foreign countries and then was improved according to our own characters. It can adapt to different and complex geological and construction conditions. There are several successful examples in railway engineering in China.

Currently, self drilling bolts used in mine timbering are commonly have poor support ability and pre-stress. Because of the horizontal crustal stress, pressure bar destabilizing is easily happened on tunnel roof so that there will be tensile failure, abscission layer and tunnel fall of ground.

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