Machine Learning Made Easy in A Practical Approach for I.R. 4.0

During the advent of Industry 4.0, A.I. machine learning is getting more important to keep businesses competitive. Back by popular demand, this 4-day (2PM - 5PM) online crash course, specially offered to academic users, will show you how to break a paradigm using Wolfram technologies.

Ideal for those who are interested in learning, project exploration, or teaching Artificial Intelligence in predictive analytic using Machine Learning in a very practical way.

Date : 25 - 28 Jan 2021 (Mon - Thu)
Time : 2 pm - 5 pm

Normal Fee (Academician only)
  • USD200/pax
  • MYR400/pax for Malaysian
Early Bird Promo before 16 Jan 2021 (Academician only)
  • USD120/pax
  • MYR220/pax for Malaysian


DAY 1, 2PM-5PM
  • Mastering basic syntaxes in Wolfram Language I
  • Supervised learning with Classification and Predictions
  • Basic data handling and connectivity I
  • Practical deployment – Identifying marketing targets

DAY 2, 2PM-5PM
  • Mastering basic syntaxes in Wolfram Language II
  • Important statistical analysis and visualizations I
  • Handling Correlations
  • Constructing basic workflow
  • Accuracy Analysis I
  • Practical deployment – Bidding, & value estimation – Preventive maintenance, failure prediction
  • Bring-home online certification

DAY 3, 2PM-5PM
  • Mastering basic syntaxes in Wolfram Language III
  • Important statistical analysis and visualizations II
  • Basic data handling and connectivity II
  • Practicing with basic data cleaning & imputations
  • Finding anomalous data
  • Clustering and profiling
  • Accuracy Analysis II
  • Practical deployments – Rating prediction & A.I. diagnostics – Image classification

DAY 4, 2PM-5PM
  • Clustering and profiling II
  • Basic computer visions
  • Basic data handling and connectivity III
  • Some common ways of deployment and integrations
  • Practical deployments – Medical Image classification – Image segmentation

What you will get in this course:
1) Four (4) modules in MACHINE LEARNING delivered with live trainer for 4 days.
2) Wolfram Mathematica v12.2 training license
3) Certificate of Completion
4) Certificate of Proficiency upon passing online quiz (optional)

Course outline http://bit.ly/OEMS2501

What some said about our workshops

"It was informative and worthwhile even for a total beginner like me. The tutorials were engaging and the templates at the end are definitely useful. Can't wait to try them out in my researches" Afiqah, USM Researcher

"It has allowed me to apply the knowledge onto data handling in my research work, which is rather huge and repetitive, thus saving me days or weeks of work." Simpson Tan, UM Researcher

"It makes me understand the basic concepts of machine learning in just a few days." Rex Leong, MacroBase System

"It has given me an insight that running a project with machine learning shouldn't be a tough task...it melted down my fears in A.I." Julius, USM Researcher

“This course is very useful for us to cope with changes that are happening all over the world. It's very interesting, and not so difficult. “ Dr. Amir Syahir, UPM Researcher

“It is useful for beginners as well as for intermediate users. Tools are easy to use and helpful in analysis for the IR4.0. “ Dr. Mohd Khairul Faidzi, UKM

“I would recommend this workshop to others because machine learning is very important nowadays & Wolfram provides it.” Dr. Ahmad Afif, UMP Researcher

“I would recommend this workshop to others because it is very useful and interesting!” Dr. Izamarlina Asshaari, UKM

“Very comprehensive!” Dr. Siti Salasiah, UKM

“Yes i would recomend to my friends because how it is so easy to understand the software!”, Dr. Luqman Al-Hakeem Bin Abdul Ilah, UKM

“It is useful and be a fundamental to learn more about data analysis and many thing in data science and IR4.0”, Nor Sofiah Ahmad, UM

“Trainer is well ready, explanation is clear and full of examples”. Mun SK, Director Of Software Development, TeamCloud

“Yes, I would recommend this workshop to others! because it is well organized and easy to follow. They also provide learning materials and videos for take home/offline learning.” Noorhelyna Razali, UKM

“Yes, I would recommend this workshop to others! because I have learn so many things in this course.” Dr Nuryazmin Ahmat Zainuri, UKM
Jan 25 - Jan 28, 2021
[ Mon ] - [ Thu ]
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM MYT
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