A Stone Throw Away @ Secret Location

In this training session, we will be hiking through the native Singapore forest to a secret training ground where wild humans train. We will be putting your lifting, carrying and throwing skills to the test in a true raw environment. Total trek time to and fro is approximately 2.5 hours. Prior training with us recommended but not necessary. Join us for this exclusive training session a stone throw away.

Fee: S$50 per person (longer session than usual). Discount if you bring friends. Bundled classes available ($25/class for 5 lessons; $20/class for 10 lessons). Free for first-timers.

Suggested attire: Comfortable workout clothes (that can get dirty). Wear leggings if you might get itchy from contact with the grass. Minimalist shoes (Vibram FF, Luna sandals, etc) if you have a pair or even better, barefoot.

Wet Weather: We will continue if the rain is light. We will postpone the full lesson or part of it if the rain is heavy or if there is lightning.

Miscellaneous: Bring snacks and plenty of water. Be prepared to be outside for the entire session (i.e. wear sunscreen, if necessary).

Contact: Email team@humannaturallysg.com or call 96328448 if you have any questions.

More Info: humannaturallysg.com or Human Naturally FB Page

Sun Jun 26, 2016
7:00 AM - 10:30 AM SGT
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Venus Carpark
Standard SOLD OUT $50.00
Strong 2Gether (2 pax, $40/pax) SOLD OUT $80.00
Strong 4Longer (for students with bundled classes only) FULL
Venue Address
Venus Carpark Singapore
We will meet at Venus Carpark, at the corner where you enter the trail to Treetop Walk. Call Coach Justin 98325696.
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