The Talking Ground: Conversations for Change

In celebration of Youth Month & in conjunction with The Purpose Movement : Navigating Work, Travel, & Service, Skillseed invites you to be a part of a safe open sharing space to collectively uncover, understand, and grow a community centered around social change in Singapore and around the world.

Join us and a community of like-minded individuals for an exchange of ideas over 4 weeks for an informal exchange of ideas to build a path, or paths, forward! Each session will be capped at 10 people to keep things cosy in our small space.

All are welcome, regardless of age, experience, orientation, physical abilities* & preferences! Snacks & introductory reading or films will be provided.

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+ LIVING with Purpose:
// How might I match my passions and potential with a greater purpose?
23 JUNE (Thurs), 7pm- 9pm

+ SERVING with Purpose:
// How do good intentions give way to misplaced actions? How might we learn and discern to match service with the needs of an individual, community, or society?
30 JUNE (Thurs), 7pm - 9pm

+ MATURING with Purpose:
// How might we grasp the wisdom that comes with age and experience, and consciously embrace the processes of growth and ageing to enrich the world around us?
[film screening TBC]
2 JULY (Sat), 4pm - 6pm

+ TRAVELLING with Purpose:
// Does responsible travel exist? What does it look like, and how might we reconcile ethical concerns with wanderlust?
9 JULY (Sat), 4pm- 6pm

For more info, please visit our event website here! http://www.skillseed.sg/thetalkingground

Click here to visit our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/780695332031997/

See you this Youth Month!

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Jun 23 - Jul 9, 2016
[ Thu ] - [ Sat ]
7:30 PM - 5:30 PM SGT
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MY LIFE with a Purpose (23 June, 7.30 - 9PM) FULL
SERVICE with a Purpose (30 June, 7 - 9PM) FULL
AGEING with a Purpose (2 July, 4 - 6PM) FULL
TRAVEL with a Purpose (9 July, 4 - 5.30PM) FULL
Venue Address
1B Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207522 Singapore
* We are located on the 3rd floor of Hock Ann Tractor Spares Pte Ltd, with a bright blue door! Please let us know what arrangements we can make to accommodate your needs, if any! If you're lost, please call 97415120