The ugly truth about finding your Purpose (or what to do with your life)


How do you find what you are supposed to do? What fits who you really are?

This FREE workshop is a conversation on discovering the ugly truth about "finding your Purpose", the "meaning of your life" or your "life goals", as we call it sometimes.

Everyone of us want to succeed in life, but I believe that success is useless if it doesn't bring fulfillment. So you may already be succeeding: you got a good job maybe, a trusting partner or supporting friends. Yet none of it is really satisfying if it is not fulfilling, if it not matching what is really important for us deep inside.

When we realize this, the feeling can be really uncomfortable. We usually tend to use our energy in two way: either we try everything around (hoping to find the "right thing"), or we try to think about it really hard (getting paralyzed by a lot of "maybe", "if" and "maybe if").

Would you like to avoid wasting your time and money, risk your jobs or relationships for something you hope might exist?

I will share key steps of my journey and the essential elements to look at when you want to build a life that makes sense to you. You will get started on:

• what it takes to let go of your fears,

• discover what you really like,

• understand what you are really good at

• how to get the energy to keep on going under stress.

Are you feeling like your life could be something else, somewhat better, but you don't know where to begin?
Ever wanted to quit your job but stopped because... if you don't do it, what do you do then?
Ever asked yourself what you could do with your life?

As your host for tonight, expect from me total passion, power and playfulness that will make this evening not only engaging, but thoroughly enjoyable.

You can register here or http://tinyurl.com/RegisterFYP


Here is the map to find the lift on level 2:

Wed Jun 22, 2016
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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SCAPE HubQuarters
Free Ticket FULL
Venue Address
2 Orchard Link *Scape, #04-01 Hubquarters, Singapore Singapore
On Level 2, find the lift. Go to level 4. In front of you, there is the HubQuarters. Get in and go to the Welcoming Desk. Turn to your left, follow the corridor and enter the second room on your right, called Cockpit.
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