Kyoto - that you can only experience with Japanese YGLs :)

When: October 16 - October 18, 2016

Where we will be staying: Toshiharu Kyoto (http://14haru.com/)
We are renting a Michelin star winning small Ryokan. This Ryokan was built 100 years ago, and is recognized as a cultural property, which can only accommodate 17 pax (perhaps up to 18-19 if we don't mind squeezing in). The only thing about staying in such a property is that there will be a curfew (around midnight) and there are only two Japanese style bathrooms (http://www.14haru.com/room.html) - one for female and one for male to share.There are six bed rooms with different sizes and a large living room for us to share. We can discuss the room assignments later. :)

What you'll be experiencing (tentative - suggestions welcome!):
<October 16>
- Micro bus picks us up at Kyoto Station at around 1pm
- A deep dive into the world of Zen and self-reflection (mindfulness) with renowned Buddhist monks and Zen philosopher, organized by our fellow YGL and a monk himself, Shokei Matsumoto.
- Very traditional and authentic dinner and after-party with Geisha and Maiko planned by the Tycoon of financial circle in Kyoto (my mentor)
<October 17>
- Visiting different places, some "must-see"s in Kyoto during the day, ranging from gardens, temples, markets, etc. We're also planning an authentic tea ceremony.
- West meets East dinner and underground (!?) night out with our fellow YGL Iwao (Gen) Aso who best knows how to enjoy life in Japan :)
<October 18>
- Experience Shojin Ryori (not sure what it means? Google!) in a temple that is our National Treasure.
- Micro bus drops you all off at Kyoto Station before noon just in time for a bullet train bound for Tokyo in time for the opening ceremony of YGL Annual Summit.

Cost: JPY80,000 (if wire-transferred), JPY81,500 (if paid through Peatix)
This will include:
- Micro bus for three days
- Ryokan accommodation and breakfasts
- Dinners and after-parties
- Lunch on the last day
- All the activities
This does not include:
- Transportation from/to Kyoto Station
- Lunch on the 2nd day (in the market)
Thu Jun 16, 2016
12:00 AM - 1:00 AM JST
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Kyoto, Japan
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