Realizing Self-Autonomy in a New Normal: Examining the Five Orders of Consciousness Theory from Harvard University

This 90-minute webinar will share insights on what it takes to individually realize our mission and become self-autonomous individuals.

What might the world be like in 2025? We are entering an age of complexity and unpredictability. In this "Fourth Industrial Revolution" (Klaus Schwab, 2016), technological advancement is rapidly changing our world. Through implementation and advancement of 5G, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, genetic manipulation, and robotics, let alone COVID-19, these changes will continue to increase. We have entered a New Normal in which prior guidelines will not hold anymore. Thus, it is imperative that we begin to realize our agency, the ability to take action with self-authority and intent.

By introducing the Five Orders of Consciousness theory of Robert Kegan, Professor Emeritus of Harvard University, Yujiro Shimogori will provide hints on maintaining balance between social and individual consciousness. Specifically, the transition from a third order of consciousness to realizing a fourth order of consciousness. According to Kegan, it is about becoming a “director of your own life.” This seminar is for everyone, including English language learners. A Q&A session in both English and Japanese will be provided.

About the Host
Yujiro Shimogori is currently an instructor in Temple University, Japan Campus Continuing Education Program. Shimogori’s research focuses on the psychosocial effects of acquiring a second language. Trained in Cross-cultural, Language, and Academic Development (CLAD), he taught at three bilingual programs in Los Angeles and Tokyo. As a J-1 Research Scholar, he lectured and conducted research in the human development and psychology departments at the California State University San Marcos. Shimogori received his Ph.D in Education from San Diego State University, and Ed.M. in constructivist-development and psychology from Harvard University.
Sat Jan 9, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM JST
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