Happiness Conference Webinar: Eat, Play, Love Matters


In this segment, ask your toughest questions about mental health and Mental Dumbells will try to answer them while eating delicious food! The twist? They are not allowed to eat the food should they give a bad answer to your question...
Come explore topics of mental health and mental illness through this fun and engaging session with Mental Dumbells!

Attendance of this panel discussion is FREE.
This session is part of the annual Happiness Conference, organised by Happiness Initiative supported by National Youth Council.

P.S. The Zoom link for this webinar will be given to you automatically upon registration.

(left to right)

Chun Hsien & Aaroson
Co-Founders, Mental Dumbells
Meet two typical Singaporean guys sharing their journey in learning about adulting through talking about everything under the sun - financial wellness, emotional wellness, sexual wellness and more.

They started their podcast to share insights with youths like themselves who are ‘same same but different’ through learning different perspectives, skills and just plain stories for a good laugh.

Happiness Initiative is a social enterprise that translates the science of happiness and well-being into actions people can take.

Hence, helping people live a more fulfilling life and take a preventive approach towards mental health conditions.

We focus on three areas - raising awareness on the science of wellbeing, translating research into practice and programmes, and building a community that promotes the practice of wellbeing

\At NYC, we believe in a world where young people are respected and heard, and have the ability to influence and make a difference to the world. Together with our partners, we develop future-ready youth who are committed to Singapore by instilling in them a heart for service, resilience and an enterprising spirit.

Sat Dec 5, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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General Admission
Happiness Initiative

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