Japan's Best-kept Secret Vol.1 ~ Shochu Flavour Basics~

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Interested in Japanese Shochu? Do not miss out on the first ever online Shochu Workshop, organized by the Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association (JSS)! There will be 2 sessions held on 2 separate days, with each day featuring unique types of Shochu! We have invited a certified Shochu sommelier, Mr Christopher Pellegrini, a leading expert on Shochu and awamori to give us professional insights on Japanese Shochu.

Japan’s Best-kept Secret Vol.1 ~Shochu Flavour Basics~ Zoom Webinar Session will be held on Friday, 20th November 2020, at 9pm sharp. Webinar details will be sent to your email address a few days before the event.

Sampling sets will only be delivered to your home address within 3 days prior to the event date.
Do note that delivery is only for addresses in Singapore, but the webinar is open for all around the world to enjoy!

We hope that via this workshop, you will be able to get a first-hand taste of Japanese Shochu at the comfort of your homes, and perhaps travel to Japan in the future to experience more Shochu for yourself!

More information about Japanese Shochu covered in this Webinar:
Like whiskey, brandy and vodka, Japanese Shochu is a distilled spirit. In particular, Honkaku Shochu and Awamori are made from grains and tubers, mainly sweet potato varieties and potatoes, grown in Japan's rich and varied climate, carefully fermented by koji (fermenting agent) and distilled in Japan. They have earned the appellation “KOKUSHU”: national alcoholic spirit because they embody the essence of Japan. Like all spirits, barley and rice shochu express themselves differently depending on whether they were distilled at normal or reduced pressure. It has an even larger impact in the shochu world because single pot distillation is required. We will taste these differences while discovering two important shochu GIs, Iki Shochu (barley shochu from Iki Island) and Kuma Shochu (rice shochu from the Kuma Region of Kumamoto).

Special Shochu for tasting set
  • Oita Mugi Shochu "Enma”【Barley】
  • Iki Shochu "Super Gold”【Barley】
  • Kuma Shochu "Kawabe”【Rice】
  • Kuma Shochu "Koshi no Tsuyu”【Rice】

Lectuer (Shochu expert) : Christopher Pellegrini

"Born in Vermont, Christopher Pellegrini came to Japan in 2002 where he has studied shochu and awamori since early 2003. He still lives in Tokyo, and is certified by the SSI as a Shochu Kikisakeshi in Japan and as a Shochu Advisor by the SSA in America, the first person in the world to hold both accreditations. He published “The Shochu Handbook” in 2014, and he is a contributor to the upcoming “Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails.” He was the Chief Editor of the Kyushu Advantage’s annual shochu magazine from 2016-19, and he also serves as a judge at international spirits competitions. In 2017 he was designated a Cool Japan Ambassador for shochu and awamori by the Japanese Government, and in 2018 Pellegrini was awarded the Japan Brewing Society’s culture prize for his continuing efforts to spread awamori and shochu culture internationally.

Christopher's Instagram

Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association

Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association (JSS) has established in 1953 via the Japanese Act on Securing of Liquor Tax and on Liquor Business Associations. Ensuring safe and secure liquor business transactions, it oversees the promotion, development and distribution of sake and shochu in Japan and around the world. The association is comprised of 1700 members, including 273 shochu distilleries throughout the country.

Video: What is Honkaku Shochu and Awamori?

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