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11月8日(日) 夜8時より


 いつまで経っても収束の兆しが見えない状況の中で、「コロナ疲れ」の症状も見られはじめています。(この症状は日本より海外の方が深刻なようです.)  この辺りで、国内外の移動に制限が続く状況をちょっと「忘れて」、制限が無くなったら、という仮定で、皆さんの理想の旅行を考えてみませんか。

 どこでも行けるとしたらどこに行きたいですか?それはなぜ・そこでどんなことをしますか? みなさんの「夢」の旅先をストーリーにして語ってください。あまり「行けるか」とか「時間」とか現実的なことに拘らず、想像力、創造力を駆使して空想してください。希望される方は、あなたの夢が誰にでもわかるようなビジュアルなどを、準備して見せていただくのも良いアイデアかもしれませんね。



2.定員40名。先着により申込を締め切らせて戴きます。 定員に達した場合はご容赦ください。  
3.セッション中の様子を写真・動画で撮影いたします。後日、 セミナーレポート等に活用する可能性があります。 ご了承ください

「Go toトラベル」その他現実的なキャンペーンを忘れて、実は密かに?思っていた「夢」の旅先とホームベースについて考えてください。

SINCA online discussion “Your ideal destination, your ideal place to live?”

November 8, 2020 8 pm

As Covid-19 has not been controlled and we see possible second surge of Covid-19 in European countries and the US, restrictions for travel do not seem to be eased in the near future. Japan and some Asian countries are exceptional in that they have successfully managed to maintain Covid-19 infections and in particular, death, at relatively low level.

Many of us may be suffering from “Covid-19 fatigue” as we do not see the clear light at the end of the tunnel. (This phenomenon is more acute overseas than in Japan.)

Let us FREE ourselves from the world where restrictions still stand for overseas and some domestic travel. Let us MAKE best of our imagination and creativity to think of our ideal destination when the restrictions are lifted.

Where would you like to go if you can go anywhere? Why? What do you want to do there? Tell us your story of “dream” destination. Do NOT limit your ideas to the practical ones, as it is time for us to unleash our imagination and creativity. If you want to show visuals for your dream destination, bring it to the session.

Next, what is your ideal place to live? This question is for your home base and not for some vacation or short stay. Tell us why you pick the place and what is good about the place.

We will form small groups of 4 or 5 as always and have breakout discussion. In small breakout discussion, each member will share his/her story of ideal destination and ideal home base. After 45 minutes or so, we will ask each breakout group to report back their discussion.

Let us even forget about “Go to Travel” campaign and think of “dream” destination and “dream” home base you always wanted to pursue.

1.All session will be conducted in English.
2.The maximum number of participants are 40, so if the total numbers of applicants exceed 40, we cannot accept the application.
3.We will take the pictures and video throughout session, and we may use it on SNS or HP.
Sun Nov 8, 2020
8:00 PM - 10:30 PM JST
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